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4 Ways to Stop Getting Completely Burnt Out

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Being a solopreneur involves constantly being ‘on’ when it comes to thinking about and operating your business. It can be super difficult to disconnect and I’ve even had dreams about my business before.

While it’s perfectly fine to be excited and passionate about your work, it’s so easy to burn out after putting in so much work and effort each day.

The signs of burnout are pretty clear. You’ll start to feel a slump in your productivity, a lack of motivation, and you may even start to see physical signs of burnout as well.

The best thing you can do is overcome these common symptoms before you completely crash and burn.

Here are 5 ways to stop getting completely burnt out.

1. Schedule In Rest Days

If your schedule is always packed, it’s no wonder why you’re nearing burnout.

With the traditional 9-5, employees get the weekends off to rest and recoup. If you’re working 7 days a week on your business, it’s crucial that you schedule in a rest day or weekend away from your business so you can gather your thoughts and recover.

Realize that you may have to shift some deadlines around, prioritize better, and just put some tasks off until later. It will be well worth it though and you’ll be able to focus on self-care and rekindle your spark.

2. Get Rid of Bothersome Clients

If you’re working with clients that cause you more stress than you think it’s worth, that could be the source of your burnout.

Realize that you every client fit won’t be perfect but if you’re no longer enjoying the work or the interaction with the client, it may be time to let them go and move on to other opportunities.

3. Raise Your Rates

Another reason why you might be feeling overworked and burnt out is because you’re not charging enough for your products and services.

Owning a business can provide a ton of freedom and flexibility. However, that only comes when you’re operating your business the right way and making sure you’re charging enough in order to keep things running smoothly.

If you feel uncomfortable with even taking time off or spending an hour or two doing unpaid tasks, you may need to start raising your rates and increasing the value you provide.

When you start raising your prices, you can work a little less and won’t be as likely to burn out quickly.

4. Switch to Low-Energy Projects

Time management is important, but energy management is even more of a priority. If you don’t have the energy or motivation to work on certain tasks for your business, they simply won’t get done.

In order to reverse the negative effects of burnout, try working on some projects and income streams that don’t require a ton of energy and effort from you. This is why it’s important to diversify your income streams.

You may be able to pick up some easier projects, temporarily switch from freelancing to consulting, or even rely on more passive income streams. That way, you can still make money while giving yourself a mini-break.


Ultimately, overcoming business burnout forces you to get back to your why. This helps so you can focus on what you’re most passionate about. What truly gives you the most energy. Instead of all the little things that are causing you to feel stressed and burnt out day in and day out.

Try to acknowledge the warning signs of burnout early on so you can give these 4 solutions a try.

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