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4 Popular Business Trends to Look Out For in 2020

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Since societal norms are always evolving, businesses need to keep up with this as well. You’ve probably seen huge companies go out of business or fall out of favor with their customers before.

Sometimes it can seem scary since these huge businesses often have tons of resources. Regardless of the size of your business, it’s important to always stay on top of the new trends and be willing to adapt.

Check out these popular business trends to look out for in 2020.

Mobile B2C Communication

Capturing your target audience’s attention has often been all about targeting them with SEO tactics or gaining their email addresses. While these methods still work well, you should also consider mobile communication with your customers and prospects.

I’m talking about using social media and even utilizing texts. Instead of just marketing to customers on your Facebook page, you can even get in their direct messages with your ads, promotions, and resources now.

Don’t forget about texting programs. Yes, in addition to doing sales calls and follow-ups, you can also opt to text prospects or ask them to text you to receive a resource or discount your business offers. People’s email inboxes might be full but they are always checking their phones for texts.

Word of Mouth Referrals and Reviews

Word of mouth referrals and reviews have always been popular but they are even more important now. Consumers are aware of all the scams and “fake news” that’s out there which makes them even more skeptical.

Before buying a product or trying a service, they want to know that other people have used it and have good things to say. This is why it’s best to do a soft launch of your products in your community and offer it to a test group so they can provide reviews and testimonials.

Continued eCommerce Domination

We’ve seen so many brick-and-mortar businesses (both large and small) go under in previous years. This is due to the rising popularity of eCommerce and digital stores.

Let’s face it, most people are shopping online. That means you have to keep that in mind when selling products in your business. Offer an online component or start selling online so first to see how it goes.

Growing Gig Economy

The gig economy may have played a huge role in the development of your business but it will continue to be a leading trend in coming years. If your small business can’t afford to hire employees right now, be sure to take advantage of the gig economy and offer remote work options to save money.


Keeping up with popular business trends is a great way to keep your business fresh and always evolving. Everyone has their own unique way of adapting to the latest industry trends so consider your business goals and preferences first.

Then, see where you can fit some of these ideas and concepts in.



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