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4 Online Marketing Tasks You May Want to Outsource This Year

Online Marketing

As I recently mentioned, I did another round of outsourcing in my business recently. As I’m learning to delegate and let a manager take over a lot of things, I’m also learning about the things business owners may want to outsource this year.

Here’s a list of all the things business owners may want to consider outsourcing in 2017. Just note that depending on your business you may not have to do all of these. Also note that you don’t have to do it all at once. You can ease into it as your budget allows.

Pinterest Management

In case you haven’t heard, Pinterest is a goldmine for driving traffic to your website. It’s no longer a place to post inspirational pictures, but rather it’s one heck of a search engine.

Pinterest also takes up a lot of time, which is one of the reasons you may want to consider this as one of the things to outsource this year. Between making pins, actually pinning your stuff, sharing other people’s pins, finding group boards to pin to and then actually pinning on the group boards, Pinterest could easily be a full-time job.


Most people assume that only people who work in photography or fashion need graphics. As a finance blogger, I’m here to tell you that’s simply not true. In fact, Instagram is huge for me which is why I’ve started to focus more on my visual branding.

With that being said, graphics aren’t my thing. I can get by, but I’d rather stay in my own lane. Besides, there are better things for me to spend my time on. If you also feel the same way about making graphics but you know you need them, then you may want to outsource this year.

Podcast Editing

Anyone who is anyone has a podcast. And it’s with good reason – they are marketing gold. You can easily repurpose the content and people find your podcast episodes over and over again.

Not only that, but your audience will dig it too. They can listen to a podcast while driving, while cleaning, while working – you name it! You can’t really do that with other forms of media, which is why if you haven’t started a podcast yet then you probably should.

Once you actually start the podcast then you’ll want to outsource the editing. Trust me, it’s a huge time-consuming pain in the arse for anyone who is better at other things than messing with audio files.

Facebook Ads

It’s no secret that Facebook has turned into a pay to play kind of atmosphere. With that being said, you can drive traffic to your site or landing pages for pretty cheap – that is, if you know what you’re doing.

If you don’t know what you’re doing or simply don’t have the time, then you’ll want to outsource this to someone who does.

Final Thoughts

As the online marketing world changes, so will your needs as a business owner when you look to outsource certain tasks. Start with this list in terms of what you might want to outsource in 2017.

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