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4 Great Shopping Apps for Smartphones

Useful Apps

If you aren’t using your smartphone to help you shop, you may want to consider doing so. If you’re trying to save, or simply want to avoid crowds, your phone can help improve shopping experiences.

Many of the newer shopping apps can actually make your shopping experience more fun, too.

Here are four great shopping apps that you need to download onto your smartphone and start using right away.


Groupon is going stronger than ever after eight years, and is an e-commerce and money saving staple. The app is available on iOS or Android devices. Groupon enables users to find great deals online and right around the corner. Groupon can save you money on virtually anything that you would ever need to purchase. Anything from consumer staples to entertainment, dining, travel, health, and fitness, Groupon has your back. The app can help you find items and events near you, too.

Groupon features a great coupon search feature that enables you to find printable coupons for your favorite stores. You can also set push notifications to keep you informed whenever a good deal becomes available as well.


If you are a coupon warrior, and looking for ways to further optimize your savings on the things you buy day in and day out, then Ibotta (pronounced “I bought a”) is the app for you. Ibotta, available on iOS and Android devices, allows you to earn rebates on items you commonly buy at popular stores.

Search your Ibotta app for rebates available at a given store, unlock the app (which usually requires you to complete a short survey of a minute or less), purchase your item, and take a picture of your receipt.

Once your purchase is verified, Ibotta will deposit actual money in your Ibotta account, which you can redeem in the form of a PayPal or Venmo transfer, or via gift cards.

Ibotta currently works with over 300 popular stores, so it is a great app to save you money in the places you actually shop.


If you are a trend-setting fashion maven, or just like to get the best deals on the latest outfits, then Polyvore is a great app to have. Polyvore is a shopping app and personal fashion assistant all rolled up into one iOS or Android-friendly app.

The app lets you set parameters for styles and fashion trends that you are interested in (basically by choosing the types of outfits you generally like), then scours the Internet for items and ensembles that match your tastes.

You can set up a fashion feed to keep track of trends you particularly like, and Polyvore can alert you to all of the great deals that are out there as well.

Touch of Modern

Sometimes shopping apps aren’t just about saving money or getting great deals. You may be a discerning shopper with exquisite tastes or have someone else on your holiday shopping or summer vacation shopping list that is difficult to get the right item for. If that’s the case, you may want to download the Touch of Modern app right now and start browsing.

Touch of Modern offers unique, often high-end products at competitive prices. Most of the items available, from innovative luggage, space age lighting, to stylish clothing, are unique or hard to find items, and often on the cutting edge of design.

The touch of Modern app, available on iOS and Android devices, also has great discounts and offers available, too.

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