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4 Fears Holding You Back From Starting a Business

Starting a business may be scary for you. In a world where an entire business can start from your couch at 3 AM using free social media marketing and website templates, the time has never been better to jump on your idea and run with it. But that’s easier said than done. We balk and make excuses, say it’s not the right time and maybe we’ll do it when we have more money and less responsibility. But deep down, we know they’re just excuses. See if the following fit your life and make the changes to get your business up and running.

1. It’s Not the Right Time

Maybe you haven’t saved as much as you thought you should. Maybe your current career is fulfilling, but not quite what you want. The truth is, timing is an age-old excuse we use to get out of things that scare us. If we waited for the “right time,” we would be waiting forever. If you catch yourself  using this phrase, stop and analyze what it is that truly scares you—if it’s money, come up with a detailed plan to save enough to make you feel comfortable and stick to it.

2. What if I Fail?

Failure is an inevitable part of life and one of the most terrifying aspects of starting your own business. When you find yourself thinking of this possibility, make a checklist of all the ways you’ve prepared to launch your startup. You’ve done the research. You know this is a product/service/company that people need and don’t currently have. Rest assured in your research and take pride in your commitment to build a better life for yourself. Yes, failure is always an option, but so is success. Keep your eye on the prize.

3. You’re Scared of Losing Stability

Your 9-to-5 career can be a drag. You live for the weekends and dream of controlling when, where and how you work. Well that time is here. However that 9-to-5 is calling your name. It’s a stable paycheck. It’s a comfortable, safe schedule. You know what’s expected of you and you’ve learned how to navigate the office like a pro. But deep down you know if you don’t leave now, you just might never have the guts to leave and start your business. Step and accept this challenge and all the scary things that go along with it.

4. Everything Isn’t Perfect

You’ve been planning this business for years. You know your business plan by heart. You know exactly how you envision your website and business cards and marketing plan. But then something happens: things change, your support system isn’t quite as excited or helpful as they were when you first announced it. Your web designer interpreted your vision differently but you don’t have the funds for a revamp. Your marketing plan requires more capital than you can afford. Stop. Breathe. So many young entrepreneurs have high-flying dreams for their business—and that’s great! But you have to be realistic. Just because your website has a different color scheme and your marketing plan isn’t as grandiose as you had hoped doesn’t mean it’s time to throw in the towel. You’ll come across many disappointments throughout your journey. Fix them, embrace them and move on.

The truth is, starting a business can be scary—but that’s a good thing. If you aren’t scared, you’re doing something wrong. Fear is the first step to success. In many ways, fear drives us to the best decisions. If we weren’t afraid of failing, succeeding wouldn’t feel so great. Embrace the fear. Channel it to propel you forward into this new adventure and celebrate the victories—big and small—along the way.

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