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4 Essential Items For Your Small Business Website

Small Business Website

Think of your small business website as your online storefront. The greatest part about an online storefront is that it technically never closes. That being said, it’s definitely worth your while to build a website for your small business.

Essential Items For Your Small Business Website

If your customer can’t find what they came for or your site is too complex to navigate, you’ve just lost a customer. Here are a few must-haves that will improve your small business website.

Detailed FAQ

Your FAQ or frequently asked questions page should be the one-stop shop for any potential questions. Most websites will have an FAQ section, but will often fail to provide a detailed and complete set of answers. In fact, when your customers come to your FAQ section in search of answers to no avail, they will often leave in frustration.

Here are some tips on creating an effective FAQ section. Remember, there’s such thing as too much information. Your goal is to get your customer’s questions answered as quickly as possible. The more detailed your FAQ section is, the less work you’ll create for your customer service department. It’s always best to put in the extra work now, so you can avoid any headache down the road.

Clear Description of Product and Service Offerings

This may seem like a no-brainer. The truth is, many websites fail to provide a clear description of their products and or services offered. They often focus too much on marketing and sales jargon which may actually turn away prospective buyers. Listing out your products and services clearly will also help boost your SEO.

Shopify provides some great insight on how to write product descriptions that sell. Your description will vary based on your what you’re selling, but you’ll generally want to follow these guidelines.

Meet The Team or About Us Page

People like to do business with people. Provide an ‘About Us’ page which gives insight on the faces behind the business and what your purpose is. Your ‘About Us’ page should hit the following points:

  • How the business was formed and what guides your business philosophy
  • What your business provides based on your customer’s needs
  • How your business differentiates from your competition and how you plan to tackle your specific niche (if applicable).
  • Who are your core team members and a brief background on each individual

The more you’re able to connect with your customers the more you will build a meaningful relationship with them. Customer loyalty will win every time. Think about the loyalty Apple was able to create around their products. Regardless of features added to the newest iPhone we can always expect to see lines out of the doors upon launch. That’s because Steve Jobs was able to establish arguably the most loyal customer base the tech world has seen to date.

Optimized Payments

If your small business website also serves as an online store, then it’s imperative that you provide your customers an optimized payment experience. Look to integrate with a payments platform that best fits your small business needs. Pay attention to features/value add for the price you’re paying. Payment fees and pricing will vary quite a bit across providers, solely because each business has different payment needs.

Here are some tips for small business owners looking for the right payments platform.

  • Be aware of fee structure
  • Make sure all major payment types are accepted
  • Be aware of payment turnarounds
  • Make sure software is sufficient if an integration is needed

Remember, treat your small business website the same as you’d treat your physical storefront. Think about what’s required to attract and retain your customers. For starters, implement these four essential items if you haven’t done so already.

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