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3 Ways to Generate More Leads Without Leaving Your Home

Sending emails, getting free publicity on your own and appearing on podcasts can all be a great ways to attract leads to your business. If used effectively, these methods can possibly land you more clients down the road. Here are some tips to that without having to travel far away.

1. Go where the writers are

Whether you’ve been able to rub elbows with journalists on Twitter, get into a Facebook group with writers that need quotes for their articles, or you signed up for HARO to respond to inquiries for the same reason, all of these are free ways to get publicity and share your knowledge with a larger audience.

Luckily, HARO has set times when they post their queries. They offer three different times to check in throughout the day so you’re sure to be able to have the opportunity to try and land some press. They will be sent to your email at those times. This way you don’t have to keep checking your email every five minutes. You can have a set time to look and not have to scramble randomly.

Once you figure out the best time to read through the posts, you can be ready to respond quickly to a query. If your advice is truly a fit for the request, you’re more likely to get picked. This allows people to have more leeway to scout out potential media coverage. If the publication’s audience is your target market, the article could potentially send you a bunch of leads.

2. Use your inbox to generate more business

If your service-based business, ramp up the number of emails you send to prospective clients. Whether you’re sending a cold email, follow up or just saying hello, increasing the number of people you reach out to can help you increase the likelihood of landing more clients down the road. Knowing that roughly 25% of these will lead to anything significant, you increase your overall success rate by sending out more emails.

3. Consider being a guest on a podcast

If you get the opportunity to be a guest on a show whose listeners are your target market, you can share your insight with their audience.  This is an easy way to get exposure for your work in roughly an hour. If you have a family to attend to, too many work demands or any other responsibilities that would make it hard for you to attend  a conference in another state for several days, then a podcast might be a better fit for getting your message out.

When you’re asked questions, demonstrate your expertise through a conversation with the host. You can share your best tips that are easy to implement, give some stats based on research in your field that backs up your answers and mention your products and services in a gentle way. For example, if you sell an online course about how to grow an online business, you can say, “In my course, Surefire Tips to Make More Money Today, I give the students 10 ways to make more money. I wouldn’t be able to explain them all in detail right now but here are 3 tips”. This lets them know that you have a course available. It gives them some of the meat without giving everything away. It can entice the audience to want to know more and hopefully, it will draw them to your offer.

The Bottom Line

When done properly, all of these tips can attract more leads to your business . The best part is you don’t even have to leave home while freelance clients come to you.


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