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3 Ways a Hurricane Is Helping Me With Business Growth

Growth Mindset

After a long week of dealing with Hurricane Irma, I’m back to work. While it was really difficult to get back to work right away due to widespread power outages, the reality is Hurricane Irma is helping me with business growth.

I’m sure you’re wondering how this is possible. You’ve probably seen on the news how Floridian businesses have lost millions in the last week due to damage and power outages. You’ve probably also seen images of destruction.

All of this is true. There’s no media hype about how difficult the last week has been. However, I’m a glass half-full kind of gal. Here are three ways a hurricane has actually led to business growth for me.

I got a break (sort of).

Before Irma, I was struggling with burnout. This was probably because I was working double time creating content for clients and my new group coaching program. This was also on the heels of a move which was also on the heels of a busy travel schedule.

Hurricane Irma forced me to do nothing for a couple of days. When the hurricane is hitting, there is literally nothing to do except look outside your hurricane-impact glass windows and watch.

While this seems counter intuitive to business growth, the truth is we all need to recharge our batteries. Unfortunately, my recharging came in the form of a hurricane.

I got my creativity back.

Because I was suffering from business burnout before Irma, I was also creatively blocked. Granted, a big reason for this is probably because I was distracted by the news.

Even still, I found myself drawing a blank writing marketing emails. I found myself asking, “How many times can I write about the same thing?” I was stuck.

Well, Irma has certainly given me plenty of content to work with. More specifically, financial and business content pertaining to emergency funds and insurance. I have a flood of new content ideas that will lead to business growth.

It reminded me where I should put my focus.

One of my struggles as it pertains to business growth is knowing where to put my energy.  Like most entrepreneurs, I like to challenge myself. I also like to have my hands in different projects.

The downside of this is we spin our wheels. This causes us to lose money because we’re spread out too thin. Or, we’re not focusing on what works because we’re too busy trying to make everything work.

Hurricane Irma was a nice reminder of where I need to focus my business moving forward. For example, I made a lot of money with the first launch of my group coaching program. I already know it works, so this will be an area of focus.

Another example is passive income. As I already mentioned, you can’t really work during a natural disaster. Having systems and streams of passive income means I still get paid anyway.

Final Thoughts

There is always a silver lining to things, even during natural disasters. I am grateful to Irma for a much needed creative break and new focus for business growth.

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