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3 Tips to Get Work Done When You’re Stuck

Updated on October 6th, 2016
Get it Done

There are times when you have to get certain aspects of a job done and for whatever reason you just can’t do it. It may be that ideas aren’t coming to you, you’re not working in the best environment or you’re just tired. No matter the reason, here are some tips to try to get work done on time.

1. Skip it

When you come to a place in your work where you feel like you’re not making progress, consider doing another part of the job or project that is easier to complete for the time being. Though it might not seem like much, it’s still progress and you are completing other details that you will have to attend to eventually so you’re still being productive.

I’ve had times where I had to just end work early for the day and start fresh in the morning. If I felt as though I couldn’t focus, I would clean my desk, revamp my schedule or do something that required less energy like responding to emails that were easy to answer.  It can be frustrating. Instead of getting angry and smashing the laptop to smithereens, just switch gears. This way, you won’t waste any of your working hours being unproductive. You’ll still accomplish something that will help you complete the task overall.

2. Take a break

Go for a walk, listen to music, even watch a random unrelated video on YouTube just to completely give your mind a reboot. Taking a break might be all that you need to get a fresh start. I purposely capture videos that I want to watch that are just for entertainment purposes.

For instance, I’ll watch a 2 minute video of the funniest moments on the Big Bang Theory. I happen to like funny sports commercials and though I’m a little embarrassed to admit this, I’m a sucker for a cute video with a baby or an animal in it. Maybe you can look up how to surf even if you never plan on doing it or look at recent photos of a vacation with your grandma to allow your brain to decompress from work mode.

3. Suck it up

If you still feel stuck and you’re close to the deadline, sometimes you have to find another way to just push through. Change your scenery by working in a different location if possible. Also, at times we just have to accept that we are not working at optimal conditions and we just need to power through. Ironically, sometimes I’ve done some of my best work when I was tired and running on empty. I’m not saying you should do that all the time but sometimes you have to make the best of the situation even when it comes to work.

The Bottom Line

While working in the perfect setting with enough energy to perform at peak levels is great, it isn’t always attainable. If you’re a little tired or having trouble completing work, sometimes you have to switch gears. If you have enough time before your deadline, these simple yet effective tips our worth trying out to see if you can get focused again.


Karen Cordaway

Karen Cordaway

Karen is a Nationally Syndicated Personal Finance Writer who sharpens her skills at US News Money. You can also find her placing clients on podcasts and reading about home office organization, productivity and habits.

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