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3 Proven Ways to Increase Sales Numbers

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After diving into Russell Brunsun’s “Dot Com Secrets,” I’ve been thinking a lot about how to increase sales numbers. This is especially important to me as I move away from selling services and take a step toward selling digital products.

While I haven’t finished the book yet, I did start implementing some of the strategies I’ve learned about thus far. Additionally, I’ve been working with a mentor all year to help me systematize and scale.

As we move into the second half of the year, much of what I learned has increased sales numbers in my business. Here’s what I’ve implemented so far and how it’s working.

Email your list every day.

In his book, Russell Brunsun mentions a concept called “Seinfeld Emails.” Basically, you send emails to your list every day. These emails are mostly about nothing (Because Seinfeld was a show about nothing. Get it?), but they always have a call to action to one of your products or services.

I started experimenting with this a couple of months ago and I’m happy to report that I’ve increased sales numbers because of it. Here are the specific ways this method has led to more money:

  • I’ve sold half the seats to my first digital program even before going into full launch mode.
  • I’ve increased book sales.
  • I’ve increased sales for one of my digital courses.

Sometimes, I don’t have an actual product to sell.  In fact, I’ve also sent Seinfeld emails encouraging people to book consult calls or join my Facebook group. The point is I communicate with my list every single day.

Record client testimonial videos.

Another strategy that has significantly increased my sales is interviewing some of my clients in five-minute videos. This alone accounted for an almost immediate sale for my digital program which is almost $2000.

This was also an eye opening experience for me as a business owner. Like many business owners, I work very hard. Sometimes it’s to the point where I don’t even notice how my business changes people’s lives. By doing these videos, I was able to see how my business helps people and it made me more confident when selling.The secret to these videos is to make them seem real. There’s no need to make a production here. Just let your clients tell their story of how you improved their lives. It may seem very simple, but this alone will increase sales numbers almost insta

The secret to these videos is to make them seem real. There’s no need to make a production here. Just let your clients tell their story of how you improved their lives. It may seem very simple, but this alone will increase sales numbers almost instantaneously.

Have an inexpensive upsell at various customer touch points.

There are plenty of opportunities where business owners can sell a product or a service, they just need to be conscious of them. Once they become conscious of the opportunity, they need to be strategic with their product placements.

There are two main places were I’ve been practicing upsells. The first is the Thank You Page after someone opts-in to a free worksheet, presentation or webinar. I haven’t quite mastered this one yet but I’m getting there.

The second is after someone goes through my application process for coaching. If they aren’t a good fit based on a points system, I refer them to my book and sell it as a self-study program.

This small tweak alone has weeded out people who aren’t a good fit for private coaching while also increasing book sales.

And, of course, when selling directly from a landing page, makes sure to offer multiple payment methods on the spot. Otherwise, you’re leaving money on the table.

Final Thoughts

The way to increase sales numbers is to let people know your business exists. After that, show people what it is you can do. And finally, be strategic about where you place products for sale. By following these three steps, you’ll increase your sales numbers in no time just like I have.

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