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12 Essential Sites For All Accountants

Updated on February 7th, 2022
Finding The Best Accountant

Accounting professionals have access to a wealth of information, thanks to the Internet, but finding it can be challenging. There are websites that help accountants handle administrative tasks, market their businesses, and keep up with financial news, all accessible via a smartphone or PC. Sometimes all of the information can be overwhelming.

To help break it down, we’ve compiled 12 sites that every accountant can benefit from having on his list of favorites. Whatever you’re trying to accomplish over the course of a workday, having access to this list of resources can make a big difference.

Fortune Magazine

This well-known business magazine has a website filled with the latest industry news and information. features news and insights specific to small business, international finance, and more. Each year, the magazine ranks the top companies by revenue and this list is posted on the website.


If you need to further your education, Coursera has several specialties that would appeal to accounting professionals, including: Essentials of Corporate Financial Analysis, and Decision-Making, and Improving Business Finances and Operations. An accountant building his business may also be interested in Entrepreneurship: Launching an Innovative Business.

The Accounting Onion

In addition to his years of experience teaching accounting, Tom Selling is co-founder and majority benefit owner of the web collaboration technology firm, Grove Technologies. On his blog, The Accounting Onion, he posts accounting news and information about investing, the accounting industry, and many more great topics.

CPA Desk

This blog from a group of Texas CPAs has information specific to tax and accounting, as well as global business finance. The firm’s younger accountants contribute through a segment called Cubesters®. The firm’s team of accountants work hard to be seen as thought leaders throughout the industry, both through this blog and also through the company’s Twitter account.

Sleeter Blog

The Sleeter Group specializes in helping accountants and small businesses by providing books, seminars, and other resources specific to accounting software. On its blog, Sleeter provides tips specific to QuickBooks, Xero, Sage, cloud accounting, product reviews, and tech trends. If you’re trying to learn more about the resources you use to handle your accounting business every day, this is definitely a blog you should add to your must-visit daily sites.

Fraud Files Forensic Accounting Blog

Tracy Coenen is a CPA and CFF specializing in forensic accounting. Through her blog, she documents incidents of fraud and financial abuse to help accountants and their clients avoid being scammed. If you’re interested in following court cases, arrests, and updates on past incidents of fraud, Tracy’s blog is a great resource to have on hand.

TaxMama’s TaxQuips

Through podcasts and her blog, TaxMama® helps businesses and consumers avoid getting into trouble with the IRS. Readers send in questions and TaxMama answers them, providing information you could find useful in advising your own clients. Thousands of tax professionals visit the site to keep up with the latest information on tax laws.

Kashoo Blog

If you’re interested in keeping up with accounting and technology news, as well as tips for business owners, Kashoo’s blog can help. The cloud accounting company provides tips that can help you run your own business, while also helping your business clients with the information they need to know.

Financial JobBank

Even if you aren’t actively looking for a job at present, it can always help to know what job openings exist and how much they’re paying. The Financial JobBank specializes in positions in finance, listing openings and providing tips specific to those in your industry. You can search the nearly hundreds of thousands of jobs available on the site or network with businesses who might be looking for talented financial professionals in the near future.

Nonprofit Accounting Basics

As many sites as there are about accounting for business, there don’t seem to be enough that are specific to nonprofit accounting. Nonprofit Accounting Basics is a blog managed by the Greater Washington Society of CPAs Educational Foundation. In addition to informative posts, the site features videos and also hosts regular seminars.


Dealbreaker is an online magazine dedicated to the people and businesses that shape the financial industry, providing news and commentary on issues that matter. As an accounting professional, this site can be invaluable in providing the information you need to communicate with your peers and clients in a fully-informed manner.

Advisor Websites

This blog comes from a web development firm that offers websites to businesses in the financial services industry. Most of the content is geared toward marketing your services, but you’ll also find information on tech tools that can make your work easier.

Accounting professionals are always searching for great content. These essential websites will help you keep up with the latest news and and provide you with continual education for yourself in your chosen field. While they may not be the only useful sites, these listed can provide a springboard toward a comprehensive list of go-to resources.

John Rampton

John Rampton

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