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12 End-of-Year Teacher Gifts to Wow An Amazing Teacher

12 End-of-Year Teacher Gifts

We’re coming to the end of another school year. But if you want to start your summer vacation right, tell the teachers who helped shape your scholars’ minds and shaped them as people over the past year how much you appreciate them. They definitely deserve it.

But what should you buy as an end-of-year gift? Most teachers say they really need thoughtful notes from their students. Let’s be honest, though — it’s time to give them more.

No matter your budget, we’ve got ideas for you — specifically, these 12 end-of-year teacher gifts for amazing teachers.

1. Gift cards/certificates.

I know. Gift cards are nice, and they’ll let them get what they want. However, they can feel impersonal.

Then again, gift certificates to Target and Amazon are always good. This way, your teacher can pick something they really need or want. According to actual teachers, gift cards are the best teacher gifts.

If you want to make it personal, give them a gift card or certificate to their favorite coffee shop, salon, or restaurant.

2. Personalized gifts.

Your teacher will appreciate these thoughtful gifts, which demonstrate your thoughtfulness. You can customize mugs, water bottles, or jewelry.

However, I especially like this personalized teacher stamp from Etsy for just $27. Every aspect of this stamp can be customized, from the teacher’s appearance to the font and message. It will be fun to add a personal touch to their assignments.

3. Gift baskets.

You can show how much you appreciate your teacher with gift baskets. It can be filled with snacks, drinks, and other treats they enjoy.

But, if you’re stuck there are plenty of gift basket options on Amazon. This gift set, for example, contains scented candles, sticky note notebooks, wooden pen holders, simulated succulents, wooden bookmarks, wooden keychains, and thank you cards. Plus, it’s under $30.

4. Educational gifts.

Is your teacher always trying to find new ways to engage students? You may want to consider giving them an educational gift if this is the case.

There are a variety of learning resources available, from books to bolster their classroom library to magazine subscriptions like NatGeo.

5. Handmade gifts.

A handmade gift shows your appreciation in a thoughtful and personal way. You can make your teacher a card, jewelry piece, or baked goods if you’re crafty.

This ruler succulent planter is a cool idea I came across. With wooden rulers embellished, it makes a stylish and cute teacher appreciation gift.

6. Tickets to a show or event.

Consider buying your teacher tickets to a show or event if they enjoy going to the theater, concerts, or sporting events. Doing this allows them to share an experience with you and show them how much you value their time.

If you aren’t 100% sure what tickets to purchase for them, consider a StubHub or Ticketmaster gift card.

7. A plant or flowers.

Research shows that plants can reduce stress and improve productivity — so a potted plant could make an excellent gift. In the classroom, this three-pack of succulents will add some greenery. These are low-maintenance and budget-friendly at under $16.

8. A coffee mug or water bottle.

You can give your teacher a practical gift like a coffee mug or water bottle that he or she will use every day. If you want to make it even more special, you can add their name or initials.

Personally, I like the Yeti Rambler 14-ounce mug. It’s great for transporting coffee, chili, and soup, as well as snacks and lunch. The compartment is double-walled and vacuum-sealed to maintain the perfect temperature, and the sliding lid prevents anything from sloshing out. Furthermore, you can select from a wide variety of colors.

9. Gifts that help them relax and de-stress.

Nearly three-fourths of teachers and 85 percent of principals report frequent job-related stress, compared to just one-third of working adults. Compared to other workers, 49 percent of teachers and 48 percent of principals feel burned out.

Teachers will appreciate any gift that helps them relax and de-stress. Gift certificates for massages, bath products, scented candles, and cozy blankets are all good ideas.

10. Donations to their favorite charity.

Consider making a donation in your teacher’s name to their favorite charity if they are passionate about a particular cause. By doing this, you show your support for their work and their values.

In particular, I would check out DonorsChoose.

Teachers can set up funds at DonorsChoose to fund their own classroom projects. Teachers might consider active seating for their classrooms, ukuleles for some, and cursive writing workbooks for others. Giving directly to the project is possible, and sometimes you can just give to the school or teacher generally. Matching donations are often sponsored throughout the year, allowing you to make a bigger impact.

11. A handwritten note.

A handwritten note shows how much you appreciate your teacher personally and heartfeltly. Tell them how they have impacted your or your child’s life by writing them a note.

For a more unique gift, consider the Thank You for Helping Me Grow Succulent Tag.

This wooden tag (plant not included) offers a heartfelt meaning for only $10. This kit includes 20 tags, so you can give one to each child in your class or keep them for use throughout their academic career.

12. A hug.

There are times when a simple hug is the best gift. You can show your appreciation for your teacher by hugging them. In fact, research shows that hugs can improve relationships, relieve pain, lower stress, and increase happiness.

In some schools, however, physical contact between teachers and students is outright forbidden. If this is the case, consider alternatives like high fives, fist bumps, or even a handshake.


Is it okay for teachers to accept gifts?

Generally, gifts of nominal value, such as an apple or a greeting card, won’t cause any problems. Some public and private school teachers, however, are forbidden from accepting gifts or may be restricted or required to report any gifts.

What is the proper amount to spend on teacher gifts?

Teacher gifts should always be given a little extra thought so they are appropriate and appreciated by the recipient. Teachers may use the item in the classroom, take it home to enjoy, or display it. A memorabilia gift holds a special place in the hearts of most teachers who have fond memories of their classroom experiences.

When selecting a teacher’s gift, keep the budget modest, between $25 and $50. To increase the price point and ensure everyone feels included, you could organize a gift involving the whole classroom and each child’s family.

What is the perfect gift to give a teacher on the last day of school?

Most students and teachers feel mixed emotions as the school year draws close. While they appreciate the time off from homework and grading papers, they are happy to be released from those tasks. However, they will miss their classmates, teachers, and classmates.

As an end-of-the-year gift, choose something to bring back memories, such as a scrapbook with a memento from every student, a photo album, or a bound collection of letters.

Do I really have to buy a teacher a gift at the end of the year?

You do not have to give a gift to any teacher or professional who works with your child. They are simply doing their jobs and getting paid for them. It is common, however, for parents to give something to a staff member when their child has a special bond with them or when they know that someone has gone out of their way to help them.

This being said the best gift you can give a teacher is a handwritten note telling them what they like about them and their class. If you want to recognize the teacher’s hard work and dedication, you can write a letter of appreciation and give it to the principal or an administrator.

Featured Image Credit: Photo by Max Fischer; Pexels

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