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101 Top Blockchain Companies

blockchain adoption

In attempting to explain blockchain, a 2016 Wall Street Journal blog noted that it was not only the technology that underpins the digital currency known as Bitcoin, but that it also a technology that is being used by more than 40 top financial institutions and a growing number of companies across industries that see the distributed ledger technology as a way to “track the ownership of assets without the need for a central authority.” The benefits of this could involve faster transactions, lower costs, and less risk of fraud.

Although blockchain is still in the experimental phase and not yet widely adopted, it is a good idea to start paying attention to the 101 companies on this list that represent blockchain in use – from cryptocurrency and payments systems to distributed ledge applications for all types of industries.

1. Due

how due works with your business

Due offers digital wallet currency capability and a blockchain platform for making secure, zero-cost payments around the world for individuals and businesses. Due also offers numerous other applications through blockchain that records these cryptocurrency transactions including a digital ebank.

2. 21


21 is free software that turns any computer into a Bitcoin Computer. Once installed, it’s possible to get Bitcoin on any device in almost any country without a bank account or credit card. It also enables the ability to add micropayments to any app and start earning Bitcoin on every HTTP request. They provide updated Bitcoin fees and open API documentation for developers. In addition, you can join the blockchain revolution by supporting your own Bitcoin node with 21.

3. Abra


Abra is building a global digital asset-management system with retail-banking functionality that can handle payments and savings but doing it on the Bitcoin blockchain. Abra also serves as a mobile wallet that allows you to send and receive money worldwide.

4. AlphaPoint


AlphaPoint helps institutions and companies to discover and implement blockchain strategies. It powers various exchanges around the world, including those for financial institutions. Alpha Point’s core solutions are a general-purpose permissioned blockchain solution, digital asset exchange, order routing, and an automatic market making exchange.

5. Anoncoin


Anoncoin is a peer-to-peer proof-of-work cryptocurrency that was launched in 2013 to focus on offering privacy and anonymity for its users. Anoncoin is primarily used in “Darknets” which are often associated with illegal substances. Anoncoin claims that it will be available “no matter what the authorities do”. It is probably in your best interest to avoid this digital currency.

6. Ardor


Ardor is the next generation blockchain-as-a-service platform. It has been built on the successful Nxt technology and is designed with unlimited scalability, safe smart contracts, and customizable child chains. These features are designed to increase business profits, efficiency, and security.

7. AsicCoin


AsicCoin is a cryptocurrency made for Asics.

8. Atencoin


Atencoin is a first-generation, identity-based compliant digital currency. It is headed up by the National Aten Coin (NAC) Foundation, an organization that supports the identification of based block chain technology and digital currencies.

9. Auroracoin


Auroracoin is a P2P cryptocurrency that was launched in February 2014. It is the Icelandic alternative to Bitcoin and to its own currency.

10. Azure


Azure is a solution from Microsoft that serves as a blockchain-as-a-service application that allows companies and organizations to develop, test, and deploy blockchain applications for numerous industries and processes. Azure offers pay-per-use pricing so you can get started with no up-front costs. Azure’s industry specific solutions will allow you to find a custom fit for your business.

11. Bitcoin

evolution of bitcoin

Bitcoin is a payment system that was created by an unidentified programmer and was introduced in October 2008 and released as open-source software in 2009, serving as a digital asset and starting off the entire system of cryptocurrency and blockchain. In order to store and make transactions with Bitcoin you will need to find both a Bitcoin wallet and a Bitcoin exchange. Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency with a market cap of over $10 Billion. Bitcoin is very popular for cross-boarder payments and other international money transfers.

12. Bitfoo


Bitfoo is a Bitcoin technology company that is based in Hong Kong. The company’s mission is to make cryptocurrency accessible and useful for everyone, offering digital wallet capabilities for storing and using cryptocurrency.

13. BitFury


The Bitfury Group develops software and hardware solutions for businesses, governments, organizations and individuals to securely move an asset across the blockchain. Some of their software solutions include: digital assets PaaS, data analytics, lightning network, property rights registration, voting, and a chain hub. On the hardware side, they provide: Semiconductors and microelectronics, servers, datacenter construction, datacenters in marine containers, and immersion cooling.

14. Bitmark


Bitmark is a distributed ownership registry that enables individuals to claim ownership over personal data and digital assets. Bitmark creates specialized blockchain technology to convert personal data and digital assets into property that can be sold, licensed or transferred peer-to-peer.

15. Bitpagos


BitPagos is designed for the Latin American financial markets, offering a way to accept and use Bitcoins as another cryptocurrency for merchants and businesses throughout the region.

16. BitPay


BitPay provides a payment platform and the capability that allows businesses to accept Bitcoin payments and provides a way to then deposit those to a bank account. BitPay provides tons of public documents that allow you to seamlessly integrate into your current software. BitPay allows you to start for free, and then charges 1% per transaction for their business package. If you’re a larger enterprise, you can inquire about a custom solution.

17. Bitswift


Bitswift Decentralized Applications Inc. is a Canadian registered company that was established in 2014. It offers ongoing development, support, and business integration to Bitswift. The company is focused on increasing awareness about blockchain technologies, integrating business partners, and supporting and empowering their platforms.

18. BlackCoin


BlackCoin is P2P cyrptocurrency that uses a proof-of-stake system and is open-source. Developed by Rat4, the goal was to prove that BlackCoin’s way of disabling proof-of-work was stable and secure through a process called minting.

19. Blakecoin


Blakecoin is an experimental cryptographic digital currency that enables payments to anyone around the world. It uses peer-to-peer technology to manage transactions and issue coins.

20. Blockcypher


Blockcypher powers blockchains in the cloud. It provides a way for organizations to easily build reliable blockchain applications. Blockcypher’s features include multiple data centers, REST API documentation, cloud infrastructure, robust data stores, hosted full blockchain nodes, and 24/7 support for all of their products.

21. Blockstream


Blockstream focuses on developing and deploying sidechains, which is a technology that was invented to extend the capabilities of Bitcoin’s blockchain. Sidechains are inteded to create new models of trust to extend and improve Bitcoin properties.

22. Bloq


Bloq provides enterprise-grade blockchain technology to leading global companies, offering a new way to approach commerce, trading, transparency, security, identification, supply chain, auditing and many other applications and processes. Bloq maintains a deep open source ethos, built from decades of open source experience. Bloq also strives to lower the cost and operational barriers for companies to build and innovate with blockchain-enabled technology.

23. Bytecoin


Bytecoin is an open, decentralized cryptocurrency. Anyone interested can join Bytecoin network and take part in currency development. It allows for secure transactions around the world and offers instant, fee-free money transactions. Transactions between Bytecoin users are all done online. Transaction privacy is protected by secure encrypted algorithms whereby no one can identify who sent the money, received, or the amount of money transferred.

24. Cloakcoin


CloakCoin is a cryptocurrency that’s designed to facilitate anonymous and trustless decentralized transfers with Proof-of-Stake-Anonymous transfers (PoSA). In addition, CloakCoin provides a super secure and anonymous platform for decentralized marketplace trading with OneMarket.

25. Coinbase

Coinbase is focused on creating an open financial system that allows individuals, businesses, and organizations to buy and sell cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

26. Coinmixer


Coinmixer is a high-volume, secure Bitcoin mixer that is easy, fast, and safet to use. It offers a state-of-the-art Bitcoin mixing algorithm that tumbles coins with hundreds of other users, rendering a user’s Bitcoins completely anonymous. The mixing process takes between one and six hours with a randomized fee for each mixing.

27. ConsenSys


ConsenSys is a venture production studio that builds decentralized applications on the Ethereum blockchain. Projects include a distributed triple-entry accounting system.

28. CryptoBullion


Crypto Bullion is a second generation crypto-currency designed to emulate the properties and supply of gold. It’s the first cryptocurrency to have all the properties of money while providing an interest for holding it.
Unlike the majority of cryptocurrencies, Crypto Bullion has already completed its volatile monetary base expansion stage and has shown steady growth.

29. Curecoin


Curecoin is the first cryptocurrency to represent medicine and biotech research via scientific mining.

30. Dash


Dash is a secure blockchain-based global financial network that allows for private transactions for individuals and businesses. The Dash wallet includes its most popular features: Darksend and InstantX. Darkness allows users to send payments anywhere in the world in a fully anonymous way. Thanks to InstantX users can send almost instantaneous transactions that use the masternode network for validation before being included by miners in a block.

31. Decred


Decred is an open, self-funding cryptocurrency. It has a community-based governance system that is integrated in its blockchain. Decred has successfully created a hybridized proof-of-work proof-of-stake consensus system that creates a beautiful  balance between miners and voters.

32. Deutsche eMark

Deutsche eMark

Deutsche eMark is a German-based cryptocurrency.

33. Devcoin


Devcoin is an ethically inspired cryptocurrency that was created in 2011 to support open source programmers. Devcoin will eventually fund all types of developers including hardware developers, musicians, painters, graphic artists and filmmakers. Devcoin is one of the longest running blockchain based digital currencies.

34. Digital Asset

Digital Asset

Digital Asset builds distributed, encrypted processing tools to improve efficiency, security, compliance and settlement speed. Digital Asset has developed a cross-application platform to efficiently build business applications on without having to deal with ledger specifics.

35. DigitalCoin


Digitalcoin is a decentralized peer-to-peer cryptographic medium of exchange that is not controlled by any central authority. It offers security, stability, and ease of use for all types of transactions and array of applications. Digitalcoin can be used to transact freely and without borders, government intervention, or chargebacks. Digitalcoin can be converted to any currency including the USD, Euro, Yuan, Ruble and more.

36. Dogecoin


Dogecoin is an open source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency. Offering Internet currency, it also focuses on creating a vibrant community of users that have built a social platform to transact together.

37. DigitalNote


DigitalNote is privacy-protected, decentralized open source cryptocurrency. It offers features like encrypted and untraceable messages as well as the first blockchain deposits.

38. Earthport


Earthport banking clients have access to a global payment network with direct settlement via local clearing to banked beneficiaries in over 60 countries. The company uses a distributed ledger network to accomplish this borderless payment system.

39. Ekrona


Ekrona is a Nordic p2p digital cryptocurrency that uses Scrypt PoW and offers fast international transactions.

40. Emercoin


Emercoin offers distributed blockchain services for business and personal use that is easy and low cost. In addition to being used for the payment of goods and services, Emercoin provides a platform for a wealth of novel applications such as decentralized domain names and an advertising network. How you decide to use Emercoin is really up to your imagination.

41. Epiphyte


Ephiphyte uses blockchain to create the necessary infrastructure for financial distributed ledgers for all types of financial trading and financial transactions. It offers instant settlement versus payment. Epiphyte’s goal is to assist the financial world by taking advantage of recent advances in network technology, including the use of cloud and blockchain technologies. They believe that by making financial transactions as fast, inexpensive, and direct as other digital services in the Internet age, everyone will benefit.

42. Ethereum


Ethereum is an open source platform that enables individuals and businesses to write and distribute decentralized applications, using blockchain. Ethereum uses smart contracts which are essentially applications that are run exactly how they are programmed without any possibilities of fraud, 3rd party interference, or downtime.

43. Fastcoin


FastCoin is currently the fastest transacting P2P digital currency in existence.

44. Feathercoin


Feathercoin is a global Internet currency that is independent of any central bank or institution. It offers an open source platform along with a way to conduct low-cost, secure, and private transactions anywhere in the world.

45. Freicoin


Freicoin is digital currency with demurrage that is focused on creating a sustainable economy, especially for developing countries or those with volatile national currencies.

46. Goldcoin


Goldcoin is cryptocurrency that features a multi-pool resistant client, which is innovative and secure as well as has an integrated 51% attack defense system. This makes it a truly unique altcoin compared to other cryptocurrency.

47. GridCoin


GridCoin is a blockchain digital currency that has its miners crunching BOINC science projects.

48. Horizon


Horizon is a next-generation decentralized platform that offers blockchain services for business. Horizon offers benefits for holding your Horizon tokens in your account. By holding your Horizon tokens in your account, you will earn 10% of your holdings over one year, which is paid out on a daily basis.

49. Hyperledger


Hyperledger is a collaborative effort that was created to advance blockchain technology by identifying and addressing important features that can assist various industries and applications. It if focused on creasing an open standard for distributed ledgers that can transform the way business transactions are done.

50. I0coin

I0coin is a digital currency that offers very low inflation, borderless transactions, blockchain pruning, fully decentralized currency, veteran currency and stable service along with 90-second confirmations.

51. InfiniteCoin


Infinitecoin is digital currency for peer-to-peer payments that offers such benefits as low fees and near instant transactions for anywhere in the world.

52. Ixcoin

Ixcoin is the Internet eXchange coin that is also known as decentralized peer-to-peer cryptocurrency. It was established in 2011 and built with the Bitcoin platform.

53. Komodo


Komodo is focused on becoming the new standard for cryptocurrency security and anonymity. It is protected by Zcash Zero Knowledger proofs so that users can make 100% untraceable transactions that are secured by Bitcoin‘s Petahash Proof of Work as well as Komodo’s delayed Proof of Work consensus mechanism.

54. Lisk


Lisk is a blockchain application and sidechain platform, providing a full stack solution for JavaScript. It is one of the best cryptocurrency user experiences because ti has a manageable user interface and integrated App Directory. It is focused on becoming the standard for blockchain apps and custom blockchains developed in JavaScript.

55. Litecoin


Litecoin is a peer-to-peer Internet currency that enables instant, near-zero fee payments to anyone in the world. It is an open source, global payment network that is fully decentralized and use mathematics to secure the network.Litecoin features faster transaction confirmation times and improved storage efficiency.

56. LuckyCoin

Luckycoin is an open-source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that is protected by advanced cryptographic algorithms. It is easy and secure to use and has wallet software, which is necessary to send and receive coins.

57. Maxcoin

Maxcoin is one of the most secure cryptocurrencies because it’s based on next generation encryption and is open source. It’s open, transparent, and free of charge.

58. MazaCoin


MazaCoin is the national currency of the Oglala Lakota Nation and is used in place of a national currency, opting for a digital currency format.

59. MediterraneanCoin

Mediterranean Coin

MediterraneanCoin is cryptographically safer and more resistant then Bitcoin and Litecoin to blockchain attacks and malleability problems thanks to its new, cryptographically stronger Proof of Work algorithm known as hybridscrypthash256.

60. Megacoin


Megacoin is a peer-to-peer decentralized currency that is open source, anonymous, irreversible and free of any transaction charges.

61. Midascoins

Midascoins is a cryptocurrency company that can be bought and sold as well as redeemed as certain national currencies.

62. Mincoin


MinCoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that uses scrypt as a proof-of-work algorithm. It was released April 2013 with zero premine.

63. Monax

Monax leverages a distributed application platform that incorporates blockchain technology to help companies create modular applications that meet the high demands of enterprise-grade ecosystem applications.

64. Monero

Monero is a secure, private, and untraceable cryptocurrency that is based on the CryptoNote protocol.

65. MonetaryUnit

MonetaryUnit is a self-sustainable cryptocurrency project that offers secure, fast, and near instant transactions.

66. Multichain

Multichain helps organizations to rapidly build applications on blockchains and shared ledgers for a number of applications and processes across a wide range of industries.

67. MyriadCoin

MyriadCoin is considered to be the pioneer of the multi-algorithm blockchain, giving it many advantages over other cryptocurrency.

68. Namecoin

Namecoin is a buuilding a censorshp free web that uses blockchain, which is part of Bitcoin technology.

69. NAVCoin

NAVcoin is X13 POW/POS cryptocurrency that uses subchains and Community’s Foundation. When a transaction takes place, it is recorded on a decentralized public ledger called a block chain. These transactions are peer verified by other users of NAV Coin through a process called mining. Anyone who opts into mining is rewarded with NAV Coin for their efforts.

70. NEM

NEM is a cryptocurrency and a peer-to-peer platform that provides services like payments, messaging, asset trading and smart contracts.

71. Novacoin

Novacoin is a decentralized digital network that is based on an open-source peer-to-peer Internet protocol. It was introduced in 2013.

72. NXT

NXT is an open source, decentralized crypto platform that is innovative, can be used for many applications through its blockchain ledger framework, and is secure and easy to use.

73. OmniLayer

The OMNI Foundation standardizes, protects, and promotes the use of the Omni Protocol to benefit Bitcoin protocol users all over the world.

74. Openchain

Openchain is an open source distributed ledger technology that helps organizations that want to issue and manage digital assets in a secure, scalable way. Every transaction on the ledger is digitally signed like with Bitcoin.

75. Pandacoin

Pandacoin is the first cryptocoin with block rewards that decrease every day so the emission of coins will be very smooth.

76. Peercoin

Peercoin is the first digital currency to use Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus. It was developed by Sunny King and seeks to be the most secure cryptocoin at the lowest cost. Their strategy is to reward all users by giving them a 1% return on their investment.

77. PeerNova

PeerNova helps companies build large-scale commercial applications lke financial systems and securities exchanges through the use of distributed ledgers. It provides a solution for storing, securing, and validating data.

78. PhuketCoin

PhuketCoin is the world’s first digital currency that can be mined and managed with smartphone app. The Phuket platform features its own exchange, forums and wallets. Users can mine and spend their coins in games and apps hosted on the Phuket platform.

79. Potcoin

PotCoin is a digital currency that serves the cannabis industry and community.

80. Primecoin

Primecoin is an experimental ASIC hostile altcoin that also introduces the first scientific computing proof of work to cryptocurrency technology.

81. Protoshares

Protoshares is a new Bitcoin-derived cryptocurrency from Invictus Innovations. It is unique in that instead of being a currency that trades on the merits of the currency or its network, it trades on the future value of the products that Invictus will deliver to whomever holds them. It is unique among coins because it has a tangible reason to hold it, such as periodic and significant payouts of new cryptocurrency.

82. QORA

QORA is a second -generation cryptocurrency that has been designed from the ground up to solve Bitcoin’s biggest problems and was developed in Java. It does not rely on any other cryptocurrency. Instead, it uses a new proof of stake algorithm, making it future-proof. There are 10 billion coins in circulation.

83. Qubit

QuBitcoin is a free, open source peer-to-peer electronic cash system that is completely decentralized.

84. R3CEV

R3CEV is a financial innovation firm that leads a consortium partnership with over 50 of the world’s leading financial institutions to design and deliver advanced distributed ledger technologies to global financial markets.

85. Ripple

Ripple offers a solution for global payments based on distributed financial technology, providing for low-cost international payments.

86. SETL

SETL is an institutional payment and settlement infrastructure based on blockchain technology that has its own blockchain-powered OpenCSD platform. The OpenCSD platform enables any market participant to commission and run a permissioned registry service for payments, settlement, and clearing of cash and other financial instruments.

87. Securecoin

Securecoin is the first multi-algorithm cryptocurrency. It uses six different algorithsm to guarantee the security of the network against code-breaking attacks. It also uses Bitcoin’s economic principles.

88. ShoCard

ShoCard uses a digital identity that protects consumer privacy by using distributed ledger technology. It is optimized for mobile and can be used by banks as a reliable identification mechanism.

89. SkeinCoin

SkeinCoin is a cryptographic currency that uses the Skein hashing algorithm combined with SHA256 hashing.

90. Skuchain

Skuchian enlists blockchain technology to help make your supply chain friction-free. It builds blockchain-based products for B2B trade and supply chain finance.

91. Stellar

Stellar is a free, open-source network that lets anyone build low-cost financial products for their community, using blockchain technology. It connects people, payment systems, and banks.

92. Stratis

Stratis is a flexible, powerful blockchain development platform designed for the needs of real-world financial services businesses. It also provides benefits to other types of organizations that want to leverage blockchain technologies. This is a turnkey solution that enables developers and businesses to develop, test, and deploy blockchain-based applications without having to operate their own network infrastructure.

93. Swiscoin

SwisCoin isa leading cryptocurrency that allows users to make instant payments and money transfers securely through the Internet.

94. Symbiont

Symbiont bridges the gap between the emerging blockchain ecosystem and Wall Street with the first issuance and trading platform for Smart Securities®. This technology allows complex financial instruments to be modeled in an easy to understand programming language and fully digitized onto a distributed ledger.

95. Tagcoin

Tagcoin is the world’s first universal rewards currency where you can use it to pay friends, pay for goods and services, or exchange it for cash. Similar to Bitcoin, it is created using a cryptographic process by computers solving complex mathematical problems with a creation limit of approximately 3,000 coins a day.

96. Terracoin

Terracoin is an open source cryptocurrency available on numerous cryptocurrency exchanges.

97. Titcoin

Titcoin is the official cryptocurrency of the porn and adult entertainment industry.

98. Unobtanium

Unobtanium is the fair-launch rare altcoin with only 250,000 in existence.

99. Worldcoin

Worldcoin is a digital currency that is helping to empower more consumers, investors, and entrepreneurs with an alternative method for global transactions.

100. Yacoin

Yacoin is considered the original Scrypt-N coin. It is a secure, stable, and ASIC proof cryptocurrency that allows anyone with a computer to mine and earn interest.

101. Zetacoin

Zetacoin is a revolutionary type of cryptocurrency that claims it is faster than Bitcoin and offers an amazing community.

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