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10 Email Templates to 5X Your Sales

Updated on January 17th, 2022
Email Templates

Email has come a long way since its introduction in the early 90s. Back then, every email was read in full no matter what was said. Fast forward twenty years, now you’d be lucky if your email is even opened.

Being able to craft an email that inhibits a positive response (or any at all) is hard to come by these days, especially for boosting sales. Although its difficult, there are ways to write awesome emails that get replies. The best way to get the ball rolling is to start with an email template. That way you can have some framework before you add your own spice.

Here are 10 email templates in no particular order that will 5x your sales:

1. General introduction

This is as cold as an email gets. This will typically be the first email you send to a potential lead. Make sure you are straight to the point and keep it short and sweet. The majority of these won’t be opened, so you want to make it count. Here’s a general template to follow:

Hi (First Name),

My name is (Name) and I (state your position) with (your company). We work with companies like (Key Industry Customers).

We set ourselves apart by (Key Differentiators). I checked out (target company) and think we can (what problem you are specifically solving).

Are you free for a chat (Give at least three time slots) about (actionable agenda item)?

All the best,

(Your Name)

(Signature Block)


2. Benefits backed by metrics

Numbers don’t lie. If you’ve been in business for a while and you’ve done a good job organizing and analyzing your data, you need to leverage it. Nothing grabs attention like a set of compelling data. Use the metrics that matter and keep it specific.

Hi (Name),

I’m working with several different companies in (Target Industry), we’ve begun to see a pattern with (Key Issue).

This past year we helped numerous companies to (Insert Solution), resulting in (Revenue Increase/Customer Retention/Projected Cash Flow/Any Relevant Metric).

If you’re facing similar challenges, let’s set up a quick call. I’ve got some ideas that may help.

Warm regards,

(Your Name)

(Signature Block)


3. Finding the right point of contact

When reaching out to a potential lead, you want to make sure you have the right point of contact. There are plenty of prospecting techniques that can lead you in the right direction. If you’re still having trouble, craft an email that will get you in front of the right contact.

Hi (First Name),

Would you mind pointing me towards whomever is in charge of (Key Position) at (Company) and the best way I can reach him/her?

I’ve got some great info I’d love to share with them in regards to (Reason For Contact – Be Specific and Be Direct)

Thanks in advance,

(Your Name)

(Signature Block)


4. Using content

A picture is really worth a thousand words, especially in business. If you’re able to sucessfully convey your message in an infographic then you’re in the money. Keep it clean and keep it simple.

Hi (First Name),

I’ve been looking into several companies in (Industry) and realized that (Pain Point) has been a real issue for most.

Are you guys experiencing the same?

I’ve put together a piece (Content – e.g. infographic, chart, graph etc..) showing (Paint Point) as I thought it may be beneficial.

I’ve been able to successfully help (Industry) companies such as (Real Customers). I’d love to chat regarding how I can assist (Company) in doing the same.

Kind regards,

(Your Name)

(Signature Block)


5. Last ditch effort

When a lead is on its last leg, it’s always a good idea to reach out one last time in hopes of saving it. The worst that can happen is that you close the lead for good. However, maybe the timing was right and you salvaged a sale. It takes less than five minutes to send the email so you’ve got nothing to lose.

Hi (First Name),

I just wanted to follow up with you guys one last time as we’re closing a few files for the month.

If you are still interested, what do you recommend as a next step?

If not, do I have permission to close your file?

Thanks in advance.

(Your Name)

(Signature Block)


6. Beat out the competition 

A great way to find potential leads is to find companies who are using your competition’s services. Make sure you have a key differentiator that separates your business from the competition. Remember, people usually avoid big change, so make it worth their while.

Hi (First Name),

I understand you serve as the (Position) at (Company. I noticed that you are using (Competition)’s services? If so, I think it may be worthwhile that we have a chat.

I’ll keep it short, (Your Company) has been disrupting (Industry) by providing (Your Solution). The difference between us and (Competition) is (Distinguish Yourself).

I’d love to chat further, I’d love for you to see what (company) can do for you.


(Your Name)

(Signature Block)


7. Beat out the competition alternative

Try to do a little A/B testing here. Try out both templates and see which one works best for you.

Hi (First Name),

I spoke to (Name) earlier today and they told me that you’ve been using (Competition) for [Specific Solution (if applicable)].

I (Your Position) at (Your company). We’re similar to (competition) only (key differentiator).

If you have the time, i’d love to chat further about how we can better serve (company) with (your solution).

Would you be open to a 10 minute call?

Thanks for your time,

(Your Name)

(Signature Block)


8. Routine follow up

If you aren’t persistent you have no business in sales. You’ll hear 10 no’s before a yes. What does that mean? Talk to 1,000 people so you get 100 yes’s! If you don’t hear back from your lead in a day or two, go ahead and follow up. Keep it short since they already know what you’re looking for.

Hi (First Name),

I just wanted to follow up briefly as I didn’t hear back from you per my last email. If you still have time to chat, I’d be happy to accommodate your schedule and figure out a time.

If not, could you please direct me to the appropriate contact?

Thanks for your help,

(Your Name)

(Signature Block)


9. Changes in the industry

Uber is replacing taxi’s, Airbnb is taking over the vacation rental industry, online payments are changing the way we spend money…truth is, industries change over time. These changes often create new opportunities, and new opportunities means more money. Stay up to date on industry news, so you can have the first mover advantage when reaching out to companies.

Hi (Name)

I work with many companies in (Industry) and constantly follow industry news. I recently noticed that you guys (Company Action).

Usually when that happens, (Company Issue) becomes a priority. We recently were instrumental in assisting (Similar Company) make the shift using (Your Solution) seamlessly.

I’d love to chat further on how we can work together. How does (Specific Date and Time) look on your calendar?

(Your Name)

(Signature Block)


10. Share a resource

The other nine templates are a little on the aggressive side of things. As a salesman, you need to be aggressive in order to close deals. That doesn’t necessarily mean every email you send needs to be direct. Here’s a more passive email you can send that can still foster a potential lead.

Hi (Name),

I saw your latest announcement this week about (Recent News) got me thinking.

I found this piece on (Recent News Piece) that may be beneficial as (Company) progresses.

Here’s the link to read it. (Insert Link)

Hope you find it helpful,
(Your Name)

(Signature Block)


Final thoughts

If you’re in sales you better get used to sending emails. If you want to see good conversions from your emails, you’ll need to use the right templates. These 10 email templates are a great place to start when reaching out to potential leads.

Chalmers Brown - Former CTO of Due

Chalmers Brown - Former CTO of Due

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