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10 Delegating and Networking Tips for Small Business Owners

Updated on January 17th, 2022

In small business, it’s not about what you know; it’s about who you know, but in today’s global economy it takes both. One must be able to navigate through both the chaos of personal challenges and market changes to achieve their dreams. Below are 10 delegating and networking tips for small business owners.

Acknowledge the Limitations of Achieving Your Dreams

Moreover, admitting your limitations free your mind to pursue the remedy and motivate others to assist you.

Make a Checklist of Others’ Specific Responsibilities

Avoid verbal instructions. Provide a written list of tasks to be accomplished.

Set Clear Expectations for Your Team

Confusion paralyzes. It neutralizes the flow of energy.

Provide Information and Authority Necessary to Complete Tasks

Inform others regarding the chain of authority. Next, identify openly who is authorized to instruct and who is expected to obey.

Establish Agreeable Deadlines to Complete the Tasks and Projects

Written plans unlock confidence in timelines and projected dates of completion.

Invest Time in Collaborative Conversation

This will bring your team into harmony towards achieving a common goal.

Remind Others of Their Rewards for Their Efforts

Always reward those who solve problems for you. Make the time to motivate and educate them as to your exact expectations.

Join Professional Associations

A successful individual associates with people who support their dream. Of course, relationships in life compensate for what we do not have. However, never underestimate the importance of people. Winners are people who have discovered their special talents, abilities, and their gifts to the world.

Pursue Mentoring Opportunities for Development and Training

Who has done what you want to do? Schedule appointments with them. Ask them to tell you what important questions you should be asking yourself, actions to take to achieve your dreams.

Dress and Conduct Yourself for the Job You Want

Every environment requires a code of conduct for entering and remaining in it. As a matter of fact, how you dress and conduct yourself determines if you get future invitations.

Solomon, the wisest king in the bible, knew he could never achieve a significant project without the involvement of people. There’s a story in which God asks Solomon, “What do you want from me?” Solomon answered that he wanted to be a wise king, with wisdom to lead and discernment to place people in the right positions to work in his kingdom.

As a business owner, do you love your business enough to help employees identify their natural talents, then place them in the right position to help you? Have you found ways to reward them that they feel valued by the organization, and have you as a manager spent time with them to understand the unique circumstances and challenges they are facing? Don’t fix the problem. Instead, guide them to a website or agency that can help. Remember, you can undermine your leadership by gossiping or betraying one employee’s trust.

Above all, if there is a golden rule in business success it would have to be linked to a happy workforce works harder to keep the customer satisfied and coming back for future purchases. A good owner knows that his leadership skills and using these networking tips are essential to his company’s success.

William Lipovsky

William Lipovsky

William Lipovsky owns the personal finance website First Quarter Finance. He began investing when he was 10 years old. His financial works have been published on Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Forbes, U.S. News & World Report, Yahoo Finance, and many others.

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