Creating Your Portfolio

As previously mentioned, creating a professional portfolio is a major component of your website since it highlights your skills and talents. Remember, a portfolio is an effective way to attract clients since it puts their mind at ease when they can see for themselves that you are more than capable of handling the task at hand.

Creating Your Portfolio

When building your portfolio, keep the following in mind:

  • Only show the projects that you’re most proud of and believe that represents your best work.
  • Show diversity in your work. If you’re a writer, for example, provide examples of articles that discuss various topics to show your diversity.
  • Include your contact information again so that it makes it easier for clients to get in touch with you.

Regardless if you have a decade worth of work, or are just starting, a portfolio is a major assist for freelancers. And, here some recommended hosts and websites that can easily help you create and share your online portfolio.

Carbonmade – With plans starting at just $6/month, Carbonmade allows freelancers in a variety of fields to easily customize their portfolios with a personal domain.

Portfoliobox – There is a free version or paid Pro-edition for Portfolio which allows artists, designers, architects, and stylists to share their work via their own domain.

Behance – As a part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud service it’s extremely easy to upload your work onto Behance. What makes Behance stand out is that there’s a job board and search option for employers looking for creatives.

Squarespace – With the ability to synch to social media channels and analytics reports, Squarespace is a powerful option when it comes to sharing your best creative work. THE

Journo Portfolio – This is an excellent online portfolio for journalists and writers.

WordPress – While not exactly a portfolio website, WordPress is so flexible and customizable that you can turn it into any sort of website that you can think of.

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