Are You Ready to Start Now?

One of the pitfalls that trip many of us up is the idea that we have to wait until everything is in place before we start something. However, putting off what’s next can mean bigger problems down the road. Even worse, you might not reach your full potential.

Next time you want to do something, but find yourself hanging back because you’re not quite ready, or because you’re waiting for something else, consider taking a risk and just going for it. You never know when you will lose momentum, or when something will come up that keeps you from accomplishing what you hope.

Do You Know Your Purpose?

Your first step is to know your purpose. When you lose your sense of urgency about your business or a project, or you decide not to start now, but to wait instead, it’s easy to find yourself bogged down without a sense of purpose.

If you know your purpose, and you believe in it, you are far more likely to be ready to start now and get more out of what you are doing. It’s a good idea to move forward as quickly as possible — at least taking that first step. If you can let your purpose drive you to that first step, you will be that much further ahead later.

Take a Risk

One of the things often holding me back is the fact that I have a hard time taking risks. I’m afraid to just start now because it might not be safe. Over time, I’ve learned that risk-taking can be an important part of moving forward. You won’t make a big difference, or accomplish something truly meaningful if you aren’t willing to take a risk or two on occasion. I occasionally take a calculated risk in order to move myself forward with my business or in life. It can be scary to take that first step, but you need to start now or the risk of missing out on growing your business could be the risk you end up with.

It took me a long time to realize it, but even “playing it safe” comes with its own risks. Start now, without waiting for something to be perfect, and you might be surprised at how that risk can pay off over time.

Don’t Stagnate

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when you are too afraid to start now, with whatever your project is. You won’t make progress if you are always waiting for just the right time to start. I used to tell myself that I would start something tomorrow, or the next week. Now I ask myself what is stopping me from starting right now.

No matter what you hope to accomplish with your business, don’t get bogged down in perfection or trying to make everything just right. Instead, consider how you can move forward. If you aren’t ready to wade into something big just yet, start now to take a small step toward what you hope happens later. But, whatever you do, keep moving forward.