Bad Debt Tax Deduction

Want to start a business but don’t want to get into debt? You’re not alone. Starting a business can be a dream for some people but many don’t follow through or believe the only way they can get started is by taking out a loan. While taking out a business loan can help you get […]

meeting with team members

When you’re faced with budget difficulties, other well-meaning people suggest cutting expenses. But sometimes that simply isn’t enough of a solution. The next common piece of advice you’ll likely get is to start a side hustle and earn more money. Unfortunately making that choice can really cut into family time. It may also be tough […]

customers pay on time

It goes without saying that everyone needs sleep in order to function. According to the Mayo Clinic, adults need an average of 7 to 9 hours each night. Unfortunately, not all of us get the proper amount of rest that our bodies need. Without adequate sleep we are shortchanging ourselves and our families. Being sleep deprived […]

marketing your small business

One of my students in my group coaching program recently asked about how to do long-term business planning. In her experience, every time she tries to make a detailed plan for her business she is never able to follow through with it. While I’m not a huge fan of very detailed long-term business planning, I […]

accounting in the cloud through mobile

Sometimes we forget the luxuries of cloud computing technology didn’t always exist. It wasn’t long ago that we had to carry USB drives everywhere we went. Or, dare we recall the famed floppy disk days. Over the past decade, we’ve gone from carrying hardware with us to storing, accessing, and editing everything on the cloud. And, it’s […]

save money payments

Most of us don’t go to work because it’s awesome and fun. Most of us work because we need the paycheck. There’s no denying that monetary compensation is a major part of whether you should stay put at your job or seek “greener” pastures. But, if you are able to land a higher-paying gig, should you […]

marketing your business globally

When it comes to your business, there’s a good chance you’re online. You’ve got your social media strategy and your website. But what happens if you want to get local publicity for your business. How can you encourage the people that live in your hometown to know who you are and buy from you? Here […]

small business tools

Owning a small business (or a big business) comes with a lot of challenges. The good news about that? You’re not alone in facing them. All business owners face some of the same problems and challenges. That means there’s a built in community of people who have been where you are, and lots of intel […]

Have you ever worried that your business would be audited by the IRS? The idea of undergoing a tax audit, especially when your business is the target, doesn’t sound like a fun time. After all, as a business owner your time is valuable. In fact, most of the time there’s probably not enough of it. […]

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