Right now is a popular time to panic as stocks go up and down and people are finding themselves with even less job security – including freelancers. As a freelancer, your client’s success heavily affects your success. If your client is not making money or doesn’t have the cash flow to compensate you, this can […]

Business Expenses

Today’s business environment is heavily influenced by the “FUD factor,” or fear, uncertainty, and doubt. When FUD creeps in, the funding sneaks out and therefore restricts the ability for many businesses to access capital.  It’s times like this where the planning, discipline, and the fiscal responsibility of maintaining a healthy balance sheet will be most […]

invoice today by einvoicing

When it comes to invoicing, one of the most options is Freshbooks. While the popular cloud-based finance and accounting software tool can be used to effectively invoice clients, it can be a little complex and expensive for some users. Thankfully, there is no shortage of affordable and easy-to-use alternatives to Freshbooks when it comes to invoicing. […]

calculating invoicing payments

Let’s face it, some freelancers often worry about how and whether they’ll get paid. This isn’t anything new and according to a report from Freelancer’s Union and Upwork, over 56 million Americans did freelance work in 2018. Not getting paid or getting paid late is a huge issue that freelancers shouldn’t have to deal with. Luckily, […]

You have rapidly approaching deadline. But all you can do is stay glued to Facebook. What’s the deal? Some may claim that you’re lazy or unmotivated. However, there’s probably a chance that you’re just distracted. And, believe it or not, it happens to us all.  In fact, distractions are downright addicting. Here are some reasons you […]

Integrated Payment Processing Solution

The days of only accepting cash are over. Today you need to offer multiple payment options – regardless if you’re a solopreneur, small business owner, or nonprofit. That’s when payment processing tools come into the picture. What exactly are payment processors and what are the best sensational payment processing tools available? An Overview of Payment […]

traits of freelancer

The feast or famine aspect of freelancing doesn’t sit well with most people. Sometimes it can seem like a ton of work is coming in. Other times, it can be stressful as you struggle to just break even for the month. Getting consistent gigs as a freelancer can seem next to impossible. I’m not a […]


It finally appears that people have warmed up to the idea of digital wallets. Whether it’s because they’re aware of how secure, fast, and convenient they are, the mobile digital wallet industry is expected to boom. We can thank the following best digital wallets of 2020 for leading the charge forward. 1. Due When Due launched […]

how to program

Thinking of starting a membership site or program? This is one of the best ways to continue offering value to your audience and collect payments on a more consistent basis. So how do you start a membership program online and what do you offer to keep people enrolled? Choose to Solve a Problem or Obstacle […]

Looking to send money from person to person without spending an arm and a leg on those transaction fees? Then you are not alone. The current influential generation known as Millennials are driving this demand for new ways to make payments, including more ways to pay someone online. A recent report by credit scoring company […]

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