ecommerce marketing

The world of marketing has transformed drastically, especially over the last ten years. Past approaches are frequently being replaced by new ones. This is a byproduct of the changing technological landscape. Existing technology and tools today have made it easier to reach target audiences, appeal to them and elicit action. But, age-old marketing still has […]

increase sales performance

Apple has been one of the most successful companies over the past ten years thanks in large part to their genius marketing tactics. This is both from a financial perspective as well as when looking at impact. They are consistently generating strong returns for their shareholders and their cash reserves sit at over $250 billion […]


For most entrepreneurs, tax time is probably the most stressful time of the year. This is mainly due to the fact that we scramble to prepare our taxes at the last minute — instead of working on them throughout the year. As a result, we end-up missing out on deductions, or even worse, get penalized […]

freelance strategies

Freelancing has become a popular profession for those who want to be their own boss and choose where they want to work. Unfortunately, not all freelancer jobs pay enough to live comfortably. On the flipside, there are also plenty of freelance jobs that actually pay a good wage, like the following 101 professions. 1. 3D Rendering […]

Freelancing is more popular than ever, and it’s only going to become more commonplace. Working remotely is convenient and accessible for millions of young professionals. And, thanks to the gig economy, more businesses are interested in hiring contractors and freelancers, rather than full-time employees. You’d think a freelancer’s highest priority would be to manage clients, […]

technology checkout

There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding eChecks lately. And it’s easy to understand why. For small businesses, they’re fast, secure, affordable, and can increase your sales. Simply put, accepting eChecks is a win-win for your business. But, that’s also only if you follow these eCheck best practices as well. Use your bank or existing payment […]

security data flow

Just how prevalent is compromised data? According to research by the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, an estimated 9,044 public data breaches have occurred since 2005 — with more than 10 billion records exposed. That makes safeguarding your company’s data a significant challenge. And, with household names like Capital One and Facebook (to name a few) experiencing massive breaches, data threats loom over companies that […]

home mortgage savings

Are you gearing-up to finally build or design your dream home? If so, you may want to stop what you’re doing. The reason? You’ll probably want to use these 25 exotic and luxurious things that your home needs. 1. Double Islands An island in your kitchen is a great way to get some additional space […]

Snapchat’s initial success gave rise to excitement for many. Millions of users, hyper-growth, and close-to-unheard-of engagement levels. They raised huge amounts of money and became a household name pretty quickly. Yet, more and more people have begun to jump off of the Snapchat bandwagon, signaling the potential fall of Snapchat. This is less an attribution to […]


Here’s a newsflash for businesses trying to gain new customers. From a marketing standpoint, more is not always better. If you’re casting a wide net by marketing to the masses, not only are you wasting your resources. You’re also diluting the potency of your message for the folks whom you really want to attract. Unless you’re selling […]

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