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You’re alarm clock goes off bright and early on a Monday morning. Your first thought isn’t how you’re going to tackle the day. It’s questioning why you ever embarked on this entrepreneurial journey. Whether you’re an 18 year-old aspiring entrepreneur or Bill Gates, we all have those mornings when the motivation tank is on empty. Instead […]

If it seems like business owners are always “on” and active, it’s because they often are. Being an entrepreneur requires a ton of work and it seems like your job is never done. Running a business can be much more demanding than a nine to five because even though you have the freedom to set […]


Starting a new business can often seem overwhelming. Yet, most new online business owners are excited about finally getting the chance to bring their ideas to fruition and earn money doing work they enjoy. Before you get to the point where you’re smelling the roses, first you need to start marketing your business so you […]

Global Credit Card Payment Processing

Regardless of whether you’re a freelancer or brick-and-mortar small business, working with international clients takes a little extra set-up. However, international customers and vendors are now a way of life. As a business owner, this is a win-win. When you expand your market you can’t help but boost your bottom line. There are some unique challenges when […]


Initial coin offerings (ICOs) once defined the cryptocurrency industry. New ICOs for legitimate, impressive sounding coins were being released alongside scams, and scams were being released alongside tongue-in-cheek jokes, like Useless Ethereum. Despite despite its silly premise, it managed to generate over $300,000 in funding. In case you aren’t familiar, a traditional ICO is comparable to crowdfunding […]

long-term focus

I highly doubt that you wake-up in the morning excited about filling in spreadsheets, setting a budget, answering emails, or folding laundry. But not everything in life is exciting and we all have to do incredibly boring work out of necessity from time-to-time. The good news? There are ways to stay motivated to handle mundane work. And, […]

Stay motivated

You’ve followed all the tips and tricks to combat productivity. But, you’re still procrastinating on those goals you’ve set. And those to-do-lists still haven’t been completed. So, what’s the deal? It may be because you just haven’t used the right motivation tips. So, why not give these ten motivation tips a shot? I guarantee that they’ll help […]

In a perfect world you would have an accountant or bookkeeper handle all of your invoicing needs. However, as any freelancer or small business owner will tell, they often don’t have the resources to do this. That’s when you may want to consider entrusting the invoice process to an employee through delegation. Handing over the reigns […]

Get Paid Faster by Invoice

As a business owner you should know that cash flow, and not profit, is the most important part of your business. But, in order to have a positive cash flow, you first need to have cash flowing into your business. And that can only be achieved through invoicing. Even though invoicing isn’t the most exciting of […]

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