“I owe my success to having listened respectfully to the very best advice, and then going away and doing the exact opposite.”

– G.K Chesterton
Sometimes, the only person who can ever tell you what’s best for you is yourself. Sure, lots of people have lots to say about how to gain success, how to be the best, and often that advice has been key for their own personal growth. However, in order for you to be the best possible you in whatever business you dabble in, sometimes you have to find your own path, brush the words of people who aren’t you off your shoulders, and go forth in the manner only you know best. That way, you won’t be held to any expectations imposed by the people who less than you, and you won’t feel pressured to become someone else. Did you get a dose of some of the very best advice recently? Try going away and doing the opposite, your way.


My name is Jessica and I am a fanatic about inspirational quotes that help people become better. If I'm helping you become better, I've done my job!

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