When you have clients that are billed the same amount each month, whether it is an ongoing project or retainer relationship, it helps to automate the invoice process with the option of sending monthly recurring invoices. In this post, I will teach you how to send monthly recurring invoices to all your clients, and then get paid.

Our online invoicing solution offers that feature that only takes minutes to set-up:

  • Go to invoices from your dashboard and create a new invoice with your preferred template.


  • Enter all the information for that client, including their name, project details, and amount as well as payment method and any comments.
Fill in invoice information.
  • Select invoice settings where you can add the input date, currency and language preferences, any applicable taxes and discounts, and files.
  • Under this section of the invoice creation screen, there is the option of turning this invoice into a recurring invoice. Once you select yes, you are provided with a drop down menu that lets you set this as a daily, weekly, or monthly recurring invoice.
Say yes to recurring invoice option.
  • Be sure to “save as draft” or as “save and send.”

Your invoice dashboard has a tab to track your recurring invoices to determine what has been paid and what is outstanding. With this invoice automation feature, you’ll spend less time billing and more time on making money.


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