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Get Organized and Work More Smoothly in Multiple Settings

Updated on February 10th, 2022

As a busy freelancer, I’m always looking for ways to get more organized to maximize my time and make more money. Sometimes this means making little shifts in how I do things. Since I work from multiple locations, I need to have essential items with me to get work done wherever I am. Here are some  ideas to get organized and work well no matter where you are: 

  1. Get Organized Like a Student

    One thing I do is house all of the office supplies I use in a plastic pouch. I used to put everything back in its own little spot every day. Whether I worked at my desk or in another location, I prided myself on how I’m always cleaned up and kept organized.

    Sticky notes have their own container. Pens are separated from pencils in a tray. Rubber bands, thumb tacks, etc. never have to share a room in my desk space.

    I still leave those containers where they are so I can easily restock supplies when I need to. However, I realized I could shave minutes off of preparing to work and putting everything away by not putting them back in a set place for every little individual item. Now, I keep a few pens, pencils, highlighters, sticky notes and other essentials that go everywhere with me.

    Everything I have always sits in this pouch so no matter where I am. I’m always prepared and can get ready in minutes. I never have to hunt down a stapler. I no longer wonder where my favorite pencil is since it always sits in the same spot. The best part is I can get to work right away and this little tweak frees me up to make more money.

  2. Pack up the Night Before

    At night, I park that same pouch in my tote bag that I use daily along with my keys, garage door opener, etc. I leave it near my desk. The tote is also where I store any writing materials or other important papers that I’ll use the next day. So again, I can readily leave the house without having to corral-up my belongings. If I happen to stay put, I know that everything I need is in there and it’s still close to my work space so I don’t have to go looking for it.

  3. Offload Old Devices to Save for New Ones

    I don’t always like to bring my laptop when I’m out. I’m okay with typing information into my phone if I have to, though. It couldn’t hurt to have another new device that’s easier to type on when I have to work outside of my home.

    While purchasing a mobile friendly device like a tablet can take a major bite out of your wallet, you could potentially sell something you’re no longer using to save up the cash to get an extra one to use when you leave the house. buys pre-owned consumer electronics. Search for your old device you want to offload on You can potentially get a a cash offer. Packaging materials come to you free of charge. Gazelle also covers shipping costs. You then get paid by your choice of check, Gift Cards or PayPal.

The Bottom Line

Consider following some of the tips mentioned to work smoothly no matter where you are. You can free up time to make more money and maybe even save up for some new equipment.

Karen Cordaway

Karen Cordaway

Karen is a Nationally Syndicated Personal Finance Writer who sharpens her skills at US News Money. You can also find her placing clients on podcasts and reading about home office organization, productivity and habits.

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