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If you’re looking to bill clients online or you own an online store, look no further than Due! Due powers online payments via an eCheck or payment processing. Due offers extremely low credit card processing rates at 2.8% flat with no hidden or monthly fees.

If you’re looking to start processing payments for your business you can signup for a Due Business Account for free here.

Once you click on the link, follow these steps to signup and setup your Due business account:


1. Create a Due Business Account


Make sure you sign up for the right account type.

  1. If you’re operating under a legal business entity, choose the business account. Each account type will have different requirements. Most user’s processing payments with Due choose the ‘Business Account’ option.
  2. When filling out the rest of your account information, make sure it’s consistent with your Business information. Make sure the company email is consistent with your company name (if applicable).



  1. Once your account is created, go ahead and complete the rest of your profile by filling out your Settings. You can save this for later, but we strongly recommend doing this right away.


2. Complete Due Settings



In order to process payments with Due, you’ll need to complete your ‘Settings’. This allows us to verify our users and mitigate any risk of fraud. It’s a fairly long process but it is required for all merchant accounts.

  1. Make sure you start in the ‘General’ section in the ‘Settings’ tab. All fields that are highlighted in red are required.
  2. Make sure you’re as descriptive as possible in this section. This makes the underwriting process much easier.
  3. For these values please give your best estimate. If your values are inconsistent with the rest of your business information, this may delay the onboarding process and flag our risk department.
  4. Make sure your business information is consistent. For example, if your business name is John Doe Inc. and your email doesn’t end in @johndoeinc.com there may be a delay in your application. If you do not have a business email with your business domain, it’s probably a good idea to make one. Additionally, you’ll need to have an active website that gives a clear understanding of your business model and why you’re looking to accept payments.



  1. The ‘Contact Info’ section is for your personal contact information.
  2. In order to verify your merchant account, your SSN is required. All data is encrypted and kept extremely secure.
  3. Your phone number, contact email, and personal address doesn’t need to match your business information.



In this section, you can connect multiple email addresses to your account as well as choose your primary email. If you want to delegate Due Payments to your finance department, for example, you can add their email address here and make it the primary contact.



  1. Make sure your Legal Business Name is the name you filed and incorporated your business under.
  2. If you’re unsure what your EIN is or where to find it, you can reference the IRS here.
  3. A Merchant Category Code (MCC) is a 4 digit code assigned to businesses by credit card companies. If you’re unsure what your code is, you can access a drop-down menu and insert the description that best fits your business.



At the moment, you can only add one bank account to your Due.com account. Once you’ve connected your bank account your successful transactions will be automatically transferred to your bank account. Most transfers will deposit within 1-2 days after the batch is settled.

  1. Once your information is complete, click ‘Add Bank’ to connect your bank account. For Due Payments, there is no need verify your bank using micro-deposits. If filled in correctly, your bank should be added instantly.


Now that you’ve completed your profile, you’ll need to Enable Due Payments in order to start processing credit and debit cards at 2.8% flat.

Follow this tutorial to Enable Due Payments now! 

If you have any other questions or concerns feel free to reach out to support@due.com at any time!



I'm Chalmers and I'm the Co-Founder and CTO of Due.com.

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