Automation Will Come to Rule

The future of global trade depends on automation tools, and any company eyeing international expansion must invest in this technology. Artificial intelligence, in particular, is transforming international commerce, as companies use intelligent systems to identify ways to increase productivity and distinguish themselves in the market. Increased productivity will drive economic growth in the nations that harness […]

accounting in the cloud through mobile

A cloud contact center is the meeting place between customers and your company. This touchpoint forms a vital layer of your business. It does not just create first impressions. It also helps to organize employee-customer relationships and provides in-depth insights that will help you grow into the future. With a contact center housed in the […]

Supports Cross-Channel Customer Journeys

The majority of businesses focus on two objectives to scale revenue: customer acquisition and the introduction of additional products and services. While there’s nothing wrong with that strategy, many companies are still leaving money on the table. Financing can be difficult. Creating a new revenue stream without more customer is possible. What if you could […]

mobile flow of security

It’s a common misconception: Having a ton of the latest technology is the solution to all of your cybersecurity challenges (which are likely to only get worse this year and beyond). Just throw more tech at the problem, and it will–somehow–go away. If only that were true, it would be an easy way to prevent […]

Improves customer loyalty

Whether you’re an influencer, a freelancer, or a small business owner, you have an audience. The people who follow you on social media, who’re on your email list, who come to your events (online or off); those are all your audience members. And how you engage and interact with them is a huge factor for […]


Unfortunately, due to the volatile and oversaturated markets, businesses are often under a lot of pressure. Ensuring a stable revenue stream for small and medium-sized businesses in this landscape is especially hard, as they have to compete with big players and among themselves as well. Since the business software industry is expanding, we are here […]

‘Invisible Payments’ and a Smooth Customer Experience

Every small business owner wants repeat business. Even if you’re all about the hustle, it requires a ton of active work to constantly pitch your products and services to others. Having some repeat business can provide you with a sense of security and stability while you dedicate some time and effort to grow your business […]

Departments to consider outsourcing

Part of making sure you get paid is retaining current clients. After all, it’s easier (and cheaper) to retain clients than it is to find a new one. While the overall experience of your service will help retain people, you can start with your client onboarding. What is client onboarding? Client onboarding is when you […]

plugin and train your brain

People ask to pick my brain all the time. If you’re seen as a sought-after expert in your field, people probably want to pick your brain too. While it’s flattering at first, at some point it becomes annoying. Why? Because at some point you start to feel like people are taking advantage. If you’re in […]

tax mistakes

Creating a system for onboarding clients is one of the most important aspects of your business. It’s the first time that you’re making an impression. Having a disorganized client onboarding process can leave people confused and make it challenging to do your job. Think of your client interaction with you as a journey. The journey […]


The dictionary defines a customer as a person or entity that receives products in the form of goods or services from a business, which can also be referred to as a seller, vendor, or supplier. The customer can determine if they will continue using that business or seek out another business for making these purchases. Customers can also go by the name of "client" or "buyer." These transactions determine the success of a business because, without the customer, a business cannot collect the revenue necessary to sustain itself to continue offering a product or service.

Therefore, maintaining these customers is critical to a business along with the continual addition of new customers. Whether the customer is a consumer, a business, or an employee (considered to be an internal customer), they are essentially responsible for whether a business is successful. Customer acquisition, retention and satisfaction is why they have become such a studied aspect of business -- from trying to understand a customers motivations and predict their behaviors to offering them products, services, and experiences that makes them loyal to you, your brand and your business.

The debate rages on about what can win and keep customers with ongoing research studies at the university level as well as surveys generated by consulting firms and even companies themselves. While some information has found that customers are looking for true value from products and experiences, other companies realize there is so much more to the customer equation. This is because customers have a diverse idea of what they consider value and still other customers want a particular type of experience or are continually changing what they really want from their products and services. These moving targets and thought processes mean that companies have to continually reassess what they are doing for customers and whether what they are currently doing is actually still working.

While so much of the focus on customers is about the consumer crowd, the fact is that business-to-business relationships and employer-employee relationships are also critical customer situations that have to be addressed by a business owner and founder. For example, a freelancer must learn how to attract and keep clients to ensure that they have steady income beyond just one project while those business owners with employees or even outsourced talent must learn to nurture relationships to keep these very necessary elements of a successful business in the fold rather than witnessing your customers fleeing to the competition.

With these challenges comes the opportunity to leverage other people's knowledge and expertise about customers, including what they want, how to engage with them, and tactics and messages to use to learn more about your particular customer. One place to start is our Due.com library of blog posts on customers. Here you will find a wide range of articles related to customers and customer issues. Here are some of the diverse customer topics that can help you better manage customer relationships to attract and retain them:

  • How to win customers online and through social media platforms, online advertising, and other Internet marketing platforms.
  • How to deal with angry or negative customers.
  • How to get paid faster by clients or how to deal with non-payments.
  • How to show gratitude to your customers and let them know how much you value them.
  • How to reconcile the fact that customers aren't actually right all the time.
  • How to offer the best customer service possible and create memorable customer experiences for retention.
  • How to know when a client may not be right for you.

These subjects and more are all covered in the subject category. Click on the articles below to read more about how to create long-lasting, mutually beneficial customer relationships.

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