Where to Find Work

Where to Find Work

Besides marketing yourself through content, using your current contacts, and cold-emailing prospective clients, where else can freelancers land a gig? Where to find work as a freelancer?

Job Boards and Freelance Websites

If you’re just starting out, you may not have that large of a network. That’s alright because there are plenty of job boards and websites out there designed specifically to help freelancers find a job. Some of the more well-known job boards and freelance websites are:

Freelancing isn’t necessarily like other businesses where there’s always the fear the competition. Freelancing embraces more of a community vibe. And, that’s why you can connect with other freelancers in your field. Not only can you seek their advice, they may be throw you a gig here and there when they can’t handle the workload.

You can interact with fellow freelancers by joining online forums like The Freelance Forum, Work At Home Forum, TalkFreelance, or by searching for industry specific forums for freelancers. Additionally, most of the websites listed above have forums for you to connect with other freelancers.

Work For a Non-Profit

Working for free is a great way to build your portfolio, jumpstart your freelance career, and interest potential clients into giving your services a chance. But, if you’re willing to give your services away for free, why not put them to good use by helping out a non-profit? For example, you could use your coding skills to build a mobile app for a non-profit. Not only does this add to your portfolio, the board of directors for the non-profit could be impressed with your skills and hire you for another job.

Remember…Stick to Existing Contacts, Networking Opportunities, and Promotion

Securing a freelancing job may take a little effort on your end at first. But, there are more than enough freelancing websites and communities available that can at least get your foot in the door. Furthermore, there’s nothing wrong with tapping into your existing network of contacts and networking both online and offline to snag a client.

If you want to attract new clients, you have to do something everyday that grabs their attention – whether that’s an awesome blog post, guest writing, giving something away for free, or cold-emailing businesses. Until you have a steady amount of clients, you have to go to where the work is.