Marketing and Promotion

Build Your Brand

When it comes to marketing and promotion as a consultant, you’re not necessarily placing an ad in a local newspaper. Instead, you’re looking for ways to prove that you’re a leading authority figure in your industry. And, you can achieve that by creating content that is valuable to your potential customers.

Content can come in a number of different forms. It could be through a daily blog post, publishing a book, creating an infographic,or hosting a webinar or podcast. The idea is that you need to create content that not only proves that you’re a thought leader in your industry, but also is going to be shared. This will build your brand and get clients to notice you notice you.

Creating content is just the beginning though. You need to have a strong online presence to share and interact with your audience. This starts with a website that includes a description of services, your past experience, testimonials from clients, and contact information. You can purchase a domain name from GoDaddy for just $2.99.

On top of your website, you online presence should also include a blog to publish content. WordPressSquareSpace, and Blogger are a couple of recommendations. Don’t forget to include a portfolio as well that illustrates your previous work. If you not in a creative field, you could provide case studies on your past success. You’ll also need to be on social media by creating profiles on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. This gives you a chance to share your content or thoughts, exchange ideas, or connect with other influencers.

Other proven methods of marketing and promoting your consulting services are:

  • Build email lists. Build a extensive email list so that you can share your content and keep subscribers updated with newsletters. You can obtain emails by asking for an email address to attend one of your webinars.
  • Speak at events. Share your knowledge with others by speaking at an industry event.
  • Join associations. Depending on your field, you may want to join an association where you can network, share content/ideas, or earn certifications.
  • Network. Attend industry events, such as conferences or cocktail hours, where you can mingle with potential clients and exchange contact information.
  • Cold email/calling. Email or call clients that interest you and could use your services.Have a script or text planned and be creative. The end game is for you and the client to have a meeting.

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