If you have international clients, then you will want to take advantage of our handy currency converter. At the top of your screen are a number of buttons one of which has a dollar sign on it. Here’s what you can do with it:

  • Click on the dollar sign.
  • Here you will add the amount of money that you want to have converted from one currency to another.
Fill in the currency converter.
  • Then enter the currency you currently use and then follow that up with the one you want it converted to.
How to convert U.S. dollars to British currency
  • The converter will do its real-time calculations and deliver the converted amount.

You can also do currency conversion while you are creating your invoice:

  • Under invoice settings in the invoice form, you can choose whether or not you are invoicing in your own country. If you are not, it will then let you put in the country and currency code. You can even change the language at this point.
  • From there on, it will calculate the invoice in that currency to provide your client an invoice that they can clearly read and understand.

Working with and billing international clients has never been this easy!


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