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If you’re excited about starting a business, congrats! Charting your own professional course is very exciting and can be a huge source of joy and money in your life. But it’s not for everyone. And many people try to turn a passion of theirs into a business without really understanding what starting a business takes, […]

Setting the right prices for your services or products is a critical step for any business owner. Set your prices too low, and you’ll struggle to stay afloat. Set your prices too high, and you may struggle to find people who will pay for it. Doing market research on pricing for your market is a […]

Successful People

We live in a world that idealizes the accomplishments of the very young. Look at this 14-year-old founder! Look at this mogul who established an empire while in college! We love stories of people doing larger than life things before age 25. It can leave you feeling like a failure if you’re 30 or older […]

Working for yourself is one of the best things you can do with your life, and freelancing is the first step to eventually becoming a business owner and having all the freedom you can ask for.  You may already be a freelancer with years of experience, or maybe you’re just starting out. Whatever the case, […]

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