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People tend to go on vacations to indulge, spending money more freely than usual, but if you aren’t careful, those costs can eat into your personal finance health. And if your budget’s already tight, you might think a vacation is impossible because of how expensive even a small trip can be—after all, the average solo […]

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Taking a vacation and disconnecting from everything should be the easiest task, right? As a freelancer, it’s often quite difficult to disconnect from work when you can literally take it with you everywhere. Like all hardworking adults, you need a break from work even if you run a business that you enjoy working day in […]

One difficult aspect of running a small business is that it’s hard to turn it off. It’s not easy to just leave on vacation, unplug, and enjoy a drink with a little tiny umbrella in it. However, you can’t stay in your office forever and never take a break. After all, self employed people deserve […]

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