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motivate your team

Running one business can be hard enough. That said, could you ever see yourself overseeing two or three businesses at the same time? I have a few entrepreneur friends to run multiple businesses. Recently, I got a new type of business and was wondering how I’d find the time, energy, and structure to work on […]

juggling time

You must learn to manage your time. As Renzo Costarella perfectly put it, “Time management is a skill that even the most seasoned business people struggle with.” But, it’s also one of the most important if you want to succeed in both business and life. That’s why I make the most out of my calendar tools. […]

Simple Money Cheat Sheets

Wouldn’t it be great to get things done without wasting time and money? If you’re looking for ways to streamline your efforts while optimizing your spending, it’s possible. Here are some ways to keep more cash in your pocket while shaving minutes off of your efforts. 1. Buy multiples. I keep an extra charger in my […]

Top Time Tracking Companies

From freelancers to small business owners to companies with hundreds or thousands of employees, time becomes a critical data point that must become better managed in order to get more done, make more money, and maintain budgets. However, time is something that we often find challenging to track given the fact that we multitask so […]

Do you ever feel that there’s never enough time in a day to accomplish everything that you planned the night before? Are you getting frustrated because it just seems that all you’re doing is work and never spending quality time with your family? We’ve all been there at some point. But, if you learn how […]

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