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Emergencies are not a matter of if, they are a matter of when. That’s why business owners need to know how to financially prepare for emergencies. In the wake of Hurricane Irma, I’ve seen a lot of business owners freaking out. They lost money due to not being open. They are learning that their insurance […]

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There will come a time in our lives when we are forced to take time off from our businesses. For me, this recently looked like a hurricane. For you, it can be another type of emergency that forces you to stop working. I recently lost about a week of work due to circumstances outside of […]

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Life has a way of giving us surprises. In the last few weeks, I had a family member go to the hospital and a Category 4 hurricane come my way. Even still, I had to stay productive in between emergencies. Let me tell you, it is hard to stay productive during chaos. Especially if everyone […]

Every hurricane season I find myself saying the same thing, “Gee, I really need to prep my business in case of extreme weather.” As I am writing this, Houston is recovering from Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma may be making her way to my city. Extreme weather is a circumstance beyond our control that can […]

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There’s a survey that’s been circulating around Facebook that states most freelance writers only earn $10,000 a year. They say it’s because there isn’t enough work, but I’m willing to bet it’s because they can’t close freelance clients. Additionally, the same survey states that the top tier earners are only earning around $40,000. Most of […]

Losing My Biggest Freelance Writing Client

Work productivity can grind to a halt when you experience personal or family emergencies. Taking “vacation” time to cope isn’t always possible for freelancers who get paid by their work output. Ultimately, your best bet is preparing for the unexpected in advance. While work is important, taking time to deal with what’s going on in your […]

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There are several people in my life recently who have taken the plunge into being a full-time freelancer. While they love experiencing more freedom, the reality that they are now responsible for everything is starting to set in. The first year as a full-time freelancer can be rough. Even if you saved money and already […]

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