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Millennials (a.k.a. Gen Y) are stereotyped as lazy and entitled. It’s hard to forget all the stories about participation trophies that each youngster received just for signing up and playing on a sports team when they were young. Things like this helped build a concept in people’s minds that just doesn’t end up proving true […]

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There are many ways to improve productivity. Feuling your energy helps. You can power nap, power walk or even consume a power bar but I’m going to focus on other tips. Process efficiency also helps improve productivity. It can indirectly benefit your bank account too. Here are some ideas to help you pivot your efforts […]

business negotiation

When my colleagues and I started blogging several years ago, we had no idea how the industry was going to take off. Fast forward a few years and being a serious blogger is a viable career path. Not only that, but you can create a business from it. I recently wrote about the idea of […]

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I think becoming rich is the new American dream. We’ve gone from wanting a home with a white picket fence to wanting a mansion with a private jet. It’s easier than ever to see everyone else’s wealth via tv and social media, and we want to be a part of that. I don’t think there’s […]

programmer team

I am an active member of a local group of freelancers in my city called CollabMiami. A big part of the mission for this group is to get creatives to collaborate with freelancers on projects. Apparently, I live in a finance blogger bubble because it wasn’t until recently when I learned how competitive creative professionals […]

global small business marketing

Because I run a group coaching program where I help clients find their ideal business model, I’ve noticed that often times people miss some key points. Let’s be frank, not every model is created equal. A lot of people want to jump into a particular business model because they get excited about a service or […]

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