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I remember waking-up one beautiful Monday morning and just thinking that it was a good day to do nothing. Of course, by the time afternoon approached, I was feeling pretty guilty about vegging out all day. Was it because I was lazy or just lacking motivation that day? Several people were so kind as to mention […]

motivation map

One day during your morning commute you notice that one of your tires looks like it’s losing air. Instead of putting air in the tire, you go on with your daily routine. On your way to work, you have a blowout. If you had taken care of the car immediately, you probably wouldn’t be dealing with […]


When things are going right in your life, it seems easy to maintain your motivation. Then, there are times in your life when it just seems like your world is falling apart. A relationship ended. Your business failed. You experienced a health scare. Unfortunately, that’s a part of life. The thing to keep in mind, as Rocky […]

Stay motivated

I think a lot of us underestimate the importance of balance. Without balance we’re not as successful or productive. Take an athlete. For them to perform at peak performance, they must have a routine that includes the proper exercise, nutrition, and sleep. Also, balance plays a vital role in the motivation equation. And, it may […]

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