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Frank payments

Setting your rates as a freelancer, or pricing your goods as a small business owner can be a tricky business. They need to be low enough to be competitive, but high enough to let you pay your bills. Being your own boss means that there are a million things to oversee. Getting paid a fair […]

Renminbi money

Have you ever been in a situation where it takes forever to get a payment from a client? Between emailing back and forth, phone calls and checks in the mail, weeks could go by before you even see a penny. The solution to this is to implement better systems. By implementing better systems into your […]

send an electronic invoice

As a finance and business blogger, one of the questions I get asked the most is which invoicing service I recommend. My answer is always, “It depends on what you’re looking for.” The truth is what works for one business owner may not work for another. This is true in just about every aspect of […]

get paid on time

Getting paid late is the bane of the freelancer. While it rarely comes from a place of malice or of trying to rip you off, late payments happen all the time. Clients are merely human- they can forget as they run their own businesses. It’s important to get paid on time. That’s how freelancers keep […]

invoicing mistakes

Every business needs to have an invoicing strategy, but every business is different. Some have huge client bases and send out tons of small invoices on a regular basis, and some work with a handful of clients and invoice only periodically, because they work on bigger jobs. Some bill monthly on a retainer, while others […]

how long does it take to get paid

With such extensive data available from working with thousands of customers, we’ve been able to compile some interesting statistics. Pictured in the infographic below we will teach you how long it should take to get paid as a business owner. The data sampling included here came from 250,000 invoices sent using Due software. The data […]

Starting your own business is a roller coaster ride. It’s complicated, thrilling and exhausting, but the one thing it doesn’t have to be is expensive. When it comes to just starting your business, you may think you need to spend a lot of cash to get up and running. I’m a firm believer in paying […]

PayPal has become a preferred for many to exchange money for goods and services online, so it only makes sense to integrate it into your online invoicing platform. Thanks to Due.com, this integration is seamless and takes just minutes to complete. Here are the steps on how to put your PayPal in your invoices: Go […]

When you have clients that are billed the same amount each month, whether it is an ongoing project or retainer relationship, it helps to automate the invoice process with the option of sending monthly recurring invoices. In this post, I will teach you how to send monthly recurring invoices to all your clients, and then […]

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