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The trend of coworking spaces is growing every year, and many solopreneurs and small startups are happy to finally have a space to call their own without paying for their own commercial space. Coworking spaces offer multiple benefits, but they have a few drawbacks too. Let’s compare the pros and cons. Coworking Isn’t Free Even though you’ll save […]

If you work from home, you’ve probably already realized that when your work space is beautiful and inviting, it’s easier to work. However, sometimes home decor and design updates can get expensive, but there are many ways to update a space without spending a lot of cash. Here are some examples: Clear The Clutter You […]

Most people have already started spring cleaning. While many people picture washing windows and decluttering their garages, this doesn’t just have to be just for your living space. This time of year may also motivate you to clean up your work area. A little time and attention can go a long way. These tips will […]

You don’t have to stockpile cash or blow your whole tax refund  when it comes to furnishing your home office or restocking basics. While at first it might seem overwhelming, getting essential supplies and furniture for your work space doesn’t have to be hard or costly. Consider these tips before you shop. 1. Shop your home […]

Having the proper equipment and office supplies for your small business is vital. And what goes better with a new stack of office supplies than a big fat discount on them? If you’re looking to stock up on all things home office, then take stock in these tips. 1. Jumpstart discounts before you shop. If you’re […]

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