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Hire Your First Employee

The holidays can be a busy time for small business owners. Or, it can be a slow season. Most entrepreneurs hope to find a nice balance somewhere in the middle. When you run an online business, it can seem nearly impossible to find the time and motivation to unplug from your business and take time […]

Marketing thoughts

Having recurring clients and repeat customers is the quickest way to grow your business and income. Keeping your current raving fans happy is easier than hunting for new ones. Our goal as business owners is to make it so our clients and customers can’t imagine going back to what life was like before working with […]

computer desk

The holidays are just a few weeks away again. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait. Not because I have something extravagant on my wish-list. I just have a bunch of business-related nick-necks I’m hoping a few people will buy for me. If you have a special business owner loved one in your […]

The holidays are meant to be a festive celebration where you gather with your loved ones. It’s also the time-of-year when you spend a lot of money, especially online. In fact, it was expected that in 2016 nearly half (47%) of consumers would be shopping online this holiday season. Unfortunately, swindlers are also aware of […]

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