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modern invoicing and payments

Making it as easy as possible for your customers to pay your for your goods or services is essential if you want to boost your business’s conversions and sales. This is why you should put a lot of attention into your checkout page. It’s your customer’s final stop of their customer journey. And, most importantly, […]


You just landed a new client. You seem to be getting along well with them. You’ve enjoyed working on the early projects that they’ve sent you. In short, things look promising. That is until it’s time to invoice your client. Invoicing is a tedious, formal-ish, and frustrating task that’s absolutely essential. After all, if without invoices, […]

Stacks of Money

When you have your own business you want to keep your contractors happy without paying more. One of the ways to be successful is through the hiring of quality contractors. Unfortunately, some business owners put little to no effort into keeping their contractors happy, resulting in a decrease in job performance, or the need to […]

High Quality Clients

Every once in awhile, you land clients that are really, truly difficult to please. However, these cranky customers are the minority. Most people, given the chance, want to work together towards a solution when things go wrong on a project. You truly have to bring out the best in all your customers. But what are the […]

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