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Freelancers run their own show, but enjoy fewer workplace protections and conveniences than W2 workers. One way this really exhibits itself is with fees. Freelancers can find that fees cut into their earnings at an enormous rate. If a freelancer works for 7 clients in one month and pays a 5% fee on each payment, […]

Are all interchange fees the same

The best part of business is getting paid, but getting paid isn’t always as easy or simple as it should be. In addition to figuring out the logistics of how to get paid, you may have to pay multiple vendors different payment processing fees. Those fees can add up fast. But you have options that […]

Regulated and Unregulated Debit

For years retailers lobbied Congress to regulate the fees, known as “interchange” or “swipe fees,” that Visa and MasterCard, as well as their issuing financial institutions, charged merchants whenever credit cards were used. In this pos we will teach you what your business needs to understand about Regulated and Unregulated Debit for Merchant Card Processing. Following the […]

Credit cards are here to stay; the modern customer craves the convenience of paying with credit cards – even for B2B payments. There are many benefits to accepting credit cards, but it also comes with a cost. Understanding the breakdown of credit card processing fees can be a challenge; this post is your guide to […]

Credit Card Payment Costs

Merchant accounts often come with significant fees, including a percentage of the total transaction plus a separate transaction fee. While Due offers a way to accept credit cards as payment for your invoices without needing a merchant account, you may wonder if there are still costs involved. When it comes to your Due.com, your account […]

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