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email tips for freelancers

As most business owners know, the money is in the email list. You don’t have to have a website or online presence to start an email list. Regardless of what type of business you run, you should have a mailing list in place. This allows customers and your audience to opt-in to receive special offers from […]

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Small business owners have all types of marketing tools and tricks available at their fingertips. One of the smallest marketing tools you can add to your overall strategy is your email signature. I’m embarrassed to admit that for years I overlooked my email signature any never paid much attention to it. Then, I saw myself […]

email sales

An automatic email reply is commonly used when people go on vacation.  It will let the recipient know how long the person will be away, who they can contact in case something is urgent and other important details. If you need a vacation from your email inbox or if managing it is an ongoing challenge, […]

email sales

If you’re not yet building your email subscriber list and using newsletters to your advantage, you are most likely missing out on a ton of conversions you could be receiving for your business. Each person on your list is worth at least $1-$2 in revenue per month and at least 20% of your revenue is […]

While bank statements, invoices and other emails may make you automatically bring your precious dollars to mind and help you to stay on track, other financial-related emails indirectly affect your bottom line just as much but they tend to go overlooked. If you choose to keep ignoring them, you might be leaving money on the […]

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