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business credit card

For established businesses, your personal credit and business credit are typically separate. But when you’re just starting out as a startup founder, your personal credit often determines how much business credit you can get. This can pose a real problem if you had bad credit when you launched your business. In fact, it can be […]

business credit card

You probably already have a credit card or two in your wallet, but as a small business owner or solopreneur, you may find yourself wondering if you should use your personal credit card for business purchases or open up a new business credit card. Business credit cards are offered by almost all major credit card […]

As if business owners don’t have enough to worry about, they have to track their credit scores, too. Just as a lousy score can prevent consumers from making major purchases, a poor credit showing can keep a business from being approved for bank loans or office space leases. For new businesses, that number can be […]

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