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Two simple sentences can cause business owners a lot of anxiety: “Your rates are higher than this other person I know.” “You charge too much.” At the beginning of my career, I would always get cold sweats before naming a price. I was always scared of what the prospect would say. Interestingly enough, I agonized […]


Finding out too late that you’ve undercharged for work is disheartening. The story often ends with you doing a considerable amount of work for free or less than what your effort is worth. A habit of undercharging will undoubtedly lead to burnout and can even put you out of business. Here are a few ways […]

Should You Use Social Media Money Transfers For Client Payments

For freelancers and small business owners there’s a plethora of options when accepting payments from clients. One of the newer, and more interesting, options are social media payments. But, should you accept these social media money transfers from your clients? Money Transfers Through Social Media There’s no shortage of peer-to-peer payments options using social media. […]

After I had been freelance writing for a bit I started acquiring more clients. At first when they asked, “What’s your rate,” I stuck with the price that I was initially charging. The problem? I was definitely worth more than that. That’s not trying to be too egotistical. It’s just that the quality of my […]

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