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We’re well into April already, which means we’ve just entered the second quarter of the fiscal year. This also makes it a great time to do a quarterly review for your freelance business. Don’t do a quarterly review for your business? Well, you probably should. Here’s why quarterly reviews are so important and how to […]

At some stage in your freelancing business you’re probably going to have to let go of a client that is no longer working. In fact, don’t be surprised if this happens multiple times throughout your career. Now, I’ve covered the topic of firing clients before, but in that instance, it was for clients that are […]

Growing your Business at Events

When I started my blogging business back in 2010, there weren’t many in-person networking events filled with either prospective clients or people just like me. Fast forward a few years and now it seems like these kinds of events are popping up everywhere – from blogging conferences to freelancer co-working days. I also admit that […]

Writing awesome blog content has been what has helped me secure writing clients, company sponsorships, coaching clients and build an online following. Writing blog content is a major part of marketing and building your own brand online, and it’s something people really stress themselves out about. This is especially true for those who say things […]

It’s that time of year when people in the U.S. are scurrying to get their taxes done. If you’re a first-time freelancer, it’s likely that you’re just starting to learn about all the tax deductions available to you. Some tax deductions are pretty obvious, like business expenses. Other’s aren’t as obvious, like car mileage. Here […]

March has been an exhilarating yet very weird month for me. I was traveling for nearly two weeks, I had lots of events going on and projects in my business were taking off. All of this was great and exciting stuff, but for some reason I was feeling totally unmotivated. Feeling unmotivated happens at times, […]

I recently had a major win in my own freelance business after landing a column with a major publication. It’s something I’d been working on behind the scenes for months and I was so excited when my first article for Inc.com finally went live last week. I get asked a lot of questions about how […]

Many people are afraid of freelancing, starting a business and putting themselves out there because it means they will have their work critiqued. People really do fear the opinion of others, especially when it’s creative work like writing or design. The reality is this is a part of the package. You will have your work […]

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