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Being a solopreneur involves constantly being ‘on’ when it comes to thinking about and operating your business. It can be super difficult to disconnect and I’ve even had dreams about my business before. While it’s perfectly fine to be excited and passionate about your work, it’s so easy to burn out after putting in so […]


When you’re a freelancer everything about work comes down on your shoulders. You do the creating, the bookkeeping, the press, the marketing, and the cleaning up. It’s a heavy load to bear and it can lead to freelance fatigue. Freelance fatigue is exactly what it sounds like: exhaustion from the need to wear so many […]

It’s very common for entrepreneurs to work themselves to death. They work so hard to escape the 9-5 only to find out that the life of a business owner hardly has any downtime at all. It’s challenging to take time off when you’re self employed. After all, there’s always a long and varied to do […]

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