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Budgeting TIps

Let’s face it — budgeting when you have regular income is straightforward. You have a steady paycheck coming in at least bi-weekly that you can allocate to your bills, savings, debt, and investments. Variable income is another animal. Payments come in at different times and they can even come in months late. It can be […]

money management

Creating a profitable business is a delicate balance of making the right investments, sales and reducing business expenses. It’s a balance that takes time to figure out and requires a lot of patience on the part of the business owner. I personally don’t think there’s a right formula so long as you are making a […]

Budgeting TIps

Keeping an eagle eye on your business and personal finances while self-employed is highly important. When your business is having a cash flow problem your wallet is also having a cash flow problem. Here are ways to rock your business and personal finances while running your own show: Overplan for Emergencies Your household’s emergency savings […]

meeting with team members

As a business consultant, I speak with many freelancers who are ready to start taking their business finances seriously. Many of them ask me about accountants, business accounts, and networking. As a business owner, you need to have a financial team in place. Many times, the only way to improve business finances is to gain […]

Reduce the risk of credit card fraud

Part of my job as a business coach is to get people more comfortable with taking risks in business. After all, taking risks is inherent to growing a business over time. The old adage of “No risk no reward” is also true. Before getting into how to become more comfortable taking risks in business, I […]

2017 Budget

I’m a firm believer that the cornerstone of a successful business is understanding finances. Or, at the very least, partnering with someone who does. That being said, there are several financial lessons business owners (including myself) learn the hard way. In an effort to help you avoid struggling to learn these financial lessons, I’ve decided […]

Generates more revenue

A big complaint among freelancers, business owners and consultants is the inability to predict monthly revenue. While inconsistent cash flow is likely in the beginning stages, at some point you start to wonder if you’ll ever figure it out. The Importance of Monthly Revenue The reason why you need consistent monthly revenue is pretty obvious: […]

business advice for payments

While attending a social media and online marketing conference recently, I noticed there was a huge influence on influencer marketing. More specifically, there was a focus on how businesses could use influencer marketing and how influencers could get paid for it. This got me thinking, should all businesses use influencer marketing? As a blogger and […]

Payment processing in 2016

Did you know that by the end of 2017 there will be an estimated 2.6 billion smartphone users in the world? With the mobile revolution in full-swing, it’s easy to see why apps have become increasingly popular. In the palm of our hands, we can have a device that texts friends and family, updates our […]

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