Cloud Computing Benefits

Small Biz Technology shared many of the ideas that YEC members like Due’s Angela Ruth have about the uses for cloud computing that can be used as a competitive advantage. Angela noted that one competitive advantage cloud computing offered was its ability to help improve redone speed. She explained, “A small company can use cloud computing to basically tap into information or respond to a client from anywhere in the world. This fast response time is one way to really impress customers or clients, where a competitor may need to wait until Monday morning office hours to respond, while a small company already answered on a Saturday morning or Friday night.” Other competitive advantages noted include greater collaboration, better cost control, the ability to work from anywhere, more time for growth, higher reliability and accuracy, reduction in IT overhead and faster turnaround. You can read the original article here.

As the article mentioned, cloud computing may help to save your business money. Check out this Due blog post on the various ways cloud computing has led to reduced expenses.



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