It can be hard to stay focused. Texting, hearing noises from social media notifications and answering random emails  — distractions such as these can make your productivity plummet and potentially lower your rate if it’s taking you longer to get things done, Here are some tools and tips you can use to stay focused inspired […]

While some freelancers were first adopters and had to deal with some challenges along the way, Millennials have it much easier now that technology has helped address many of those previous barriers. Thanks to a wide range of online tools, apps, and websites, it’s never been easier to find clients, communicate with them, send invoices, collaborate on […]

Every business owner wants to be sure that they are making the most informed decisions about their company’s strategic direction, budget, marketing and more. Technology has done its fair share in the last few years to bring the information to the business owner via tools and platforms designed to share as much as possible to […]

Having good financial sense is something that everyone could improve upon, especially considering the amount of decisions that have to be made in relation to money on a daily and yearly basis. There’s always more to learn about saving, investing, and spending that can help you develop the financial habits to be smarter with money. […]

Social media has become an absolutely essential communication platform for businesses and consumers. However, just because they need it doesn’t mean that businesses know how to use it effectively. That’s when they call in social media consultants who can enlist various tools and apps that enhance any social media presence. AdWeek selected seven apps that […]

While PayPal has served as the go-to online payment solution for online customers, freelancers, and business owners, and it has offered many benefits, there are now even more online payment options with the advent of new technology that speed transactions, come with fewer fees, and deliver enhanced security. Entrepreneur created a list of 15 popular online payment […]

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