Depending on the company, keeping a healthy dietary lifestyle can be hard enough at the office, with monthly birthday cakes, pantry snacks, the daily temptation of going out for lunch with coworkers, and other office “perks”. However, it’s even harder when you spend most of your day at or between meetings, where baskets of muffins and pastries sit alluringly on conference tables, and easy, non-controversial ordered-in lunches of club sandwiches, bagels and canned sodas. Due cofounder John Rampton shares his tips on how to keep healthy through long stretches of long seminars, lunch meetings, and the siren call of Krispy Kreme donuts. After all, packing healthy snacks, favoring water over soda, and ordering healthy options when it’s your turn to choose will not only keep your waistline trim, but it’ll keep yours and your coworkers’ minds sharp through the afternoon. Read his tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle at long meetings on


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