As a company grows, there may be opportunities to just use in-house talent to build the necessary tools and technology, but it may still make sense to use an outside vendor to do it. In weighing this decision that many companies face, members of Forbes Technology Council, including Due CTO Chalmers Brown, shared their thoughts on how to find the right answer. Chalmers noted that the answer depends on your company’s unique priorities and the time available outside of these priorities to spend on the build. he noted that if you have the skill set to build an effective and profitable tool in-house, then go that route; otherwise, an outside vendor is the right choice if you have the money to spend. Flexibility and time to market were two other factors to consider. You can read the original article here.

One investment that is critical for any business is to put money into customer support that pays an incredible return. To learn more about how this investment in customer support pays off, check out this Due blog post.




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