When it comes to building a business, programming in any capacity has become a prerequisite for entrepreneurship. After all, it’s likely half your business is going to exist online, and in order to make the most of your online presence, it’s important to able to speak the languages of the digital universe. Website and app building, optimizing data, being able to fix bugs, and simply communicating to your developers in terms they understand — these are all exceedingly helpful skills for a next-gen business owner and everyone on the team.

Due cofounder John Rampton’s recommends CodeAcademy for developing programming skills. He says: “Codecademy is one of the easiest ways that I personally have been able to understand and begin to expand my programming skills. We reward our employees for different levels they complete. This helps everyone in our company to be a little bit more programmer-savvy.”

To read other entrepreneurs’ picks for their programming resources, check out the article on Business.com.


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