An AllBusiness article on the best project management tools for businesses and included a wide range of tools and platforms that cover a range of tasks that include order tracking, invoicing, collaboration, project management, time tracking, work flowers and reports. One of the project management tools for business included in the article was Asana gets mentioned.

Due Founder and CEO John Rampton as asked why his teams use Asana and he noted, “Asana is so easy to understand and use. Its simple to use interface makes it easy for users to assign and manage tasks in an efficient way. It works well with my entire team… I prefer Asana because it’s just simple to use. Seriously, they have really thought about their users and how they interact with each other. They made a solution that works well and helps people keep track of tasks, projects, and work flow.” The article covers other tools like Wrike, Workflowmax, Trello and more.

You can read the original Best Project Management Solutions article on All Business.

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